EA Already Showing Off DLC For Medal Of Honor Warfighter

Authenticity and a breath-taking sense of realism is the driving force behind EA’s upcoming first person shooter, Medal of Honor Warfighter and will also permeate into the game’s post-launch DLC.

EA has already gone and the blown the lid off its first Warfighter multiplayer expansion with the “Hunt Map Pack”. Comprised of two real-world locations, this initial content drop will have players blasting their way through the lawless Darra Gun Market as well as Chitral, a sprawling mosaic of towns and buildings.


Both areas exist within the Pakistani border and are thought to have harboured Bin Laden before the terrorist leader was gunned down at a private residential compound in Abbottabad.

EA has yet to give a price on the Hunt Map Pack or whether Medal of Honor Warfighter will be subject to a “Season Pass” DLC scheme.

Source: EA Official Blog



  1. Yay………

  2. *sigh* just die EA, please

  3. I don’t mind dlc, but announcing dlc before the game has gone gold is just bs.

    • I’m almost possitive that it would’ve gone gold by now, but i do agree with you. Its not out yet and they are already anouncing it.

    • I now instantly go off games that have DLC, or worse a dreaded Season Pass. Games are coming out with less maps, less features, less items – as they can all be sold for extra. And with games like this it causes problems as not all your mates buy the same DLC, or you don’t get the maps in matchmaking even though you’ve paid for them. In the past offering twice as many maps would have been a way to beat their rivals (in this case CoD), but now it’s just a way of milking us for cash.

      “EA has yet to give a price on the Hunt Map Pack”. That doesn’t matter, we can safely say it’ll cost about 4 times what it’s actually worth.

      • What’s wrong with season passes.

      • Obviously it’s good that there is a discount, I just think that Season Passes encourage these huge amounts of DLC, which in my opinion means things get cut from games.

      • I have Battlefield Premium which is basically a Season Pass and I think it’s great value for someone who plays the game alot.

      • My issue is more the DLC – I just meant I hate hearing about a Season Pass as it means a lot of DLC. Being cheaper isn’t a problem obviously, I guess I didn’t explain myself properly!! :D

        Uncharted 3, LA Noire, Max Payne 3 and BF3 would all have cost me north of £65 with all the DLC, it’s just getting a bit silly, especially when Uncharted 3 had the London Streets and Boat Yard multiplayer maps as DLC – these were some of the best levels of the single-player campaign, so you can’t tell me they weren’t essentially cut from the main game. Usually these would have (and should have) just been standard maps!!

      • the major problem with season passes is you’re paying for things before they are released or even announced. You’re exchanging money for good faith, hoping that the developer or publisher has your best interest in mind. Take BF3 premium for example, there’s no set release dates for the DLC, so you could be waiting years for your final DLC. Also there’s no guarantee you’re going to want all of the DLC a season pass offers. If you wouldn’t have bought every DLC pack regardless of quality or content, a season pass can become more expensive then just a pick and chose method. Also, season passes give the impression that certain players are not equal or better then the rest when you give them priority server queue or special events. I’m all for DLC, but creating clique groups inside a games community is wrong.

      • What? All the BF3 DLC has dates. The fourth expansion, Aftermath, is available this December, and the last expansion, End Game, is March next year. So you would hardly be waiting literal years. I would view BF3 premium as different to other season passes, such as UC3’s fortune hunter club. With UC3 you actually had no idea what was coming next, and people were dissapointed as alot of the initial maps were UC2 maps with slight makeovers. DICE said when announcing Premium that there would be 5 expansions as part of it (including Back to Karkand), and said that all expansions would have 4 maps each.

        The only thing you didn’t know was what the actual maps were going to be. But being a dedicated BF3 player, and loving every minute of it I know that I would love all of the available maps. Thus it makes sense for me to get Premium as it saves quite a bit of money and your getting content that they have announced (5 expansions, 4 maps in each) on a game which you know you enjoy. That differs to UC3 where they detailed the content literally a week before release and sometimes the content would be in modes people MIGHT not play – such as co-op.

      • Season passes or DLC services like premium and elite are a gamble. At least CoD has a history of timely DLC. But I (personally) would never trust EA to deliver on their promise of anything. Look at BFBC 1&2, MoH, how much timely DLC did those games get. Remember EA promise to give free 1943 codes for BFBC 2 preorders, it took the threat of legal action to make them keep their promise. You get no guarantee when you pay up front, there could be qualify issues and delays, and by paying first you forfeit all of your consumer power. An April release could easily turn into May or June. Imagine the shitstorm if Bethesda sold a PS3 Skyrim season pass. Do you think EA cares about pissing anybody off, especially someone who has already paid them? If it works for you fine, but don’t act like it’s the greatest thing ever, because it’s just a way to lock you into future purchases.

      • Can’t remember much about MoH (did not play it much). But BFBC 1&2 did have timely DLC which were free.

        I think BFBC1 only had the conquest expansion though (memory is fading there).

  4. If MOH has already been completed and is just waiting to be released. Then releasing this is a bit annoying but i understand that they want to make a bit of extra cash on day one. But if it is not completed, then feck off EA as this is blatantly taking content out of a game to sell back to us.

    I don’t know who is worst, Capcom with their DLC for everything as well as stuff that used to be unlockables in games or EA with this. Oh and SCEE, just because. :p

    • EA are easily worse than Capcom. Don’t get me wrong, both have a crazy focus on DLC but at least Capcom release new IPs from time to time and don’t usually shoe-horn multiplayer into their games.

      • True and they did kill Dragon Age. *eye twitches a lot*. Capcom are just cash whores and actually had the balls to sell us the true ending for Azure’s wrath. I mean, wtf?! You can’t sell the ending of your game as DLC. EA on the other hand, well, their initials stand for what they are known as by most gamers.

      • LOL, I’d forgotten the Azura’s Wrath thing. DLC taken one step too far!

        Yeah, over the past couple of years EA have destroyed the Dragon Age and Mass Effect games and are currently trying to add Dead Space to that list it seems :(

        Sad stuff. The industry would be much better off without them.

  5. EA is a byword for “give us all your fucking money” obviously all companies would like that to happen, but EA are brazen about it.

    • Didn’t realise that Bob Geldof was on the Board at EA, thought I hadn’t heard of his rantings for a while :$

  6. At least some of it is going to charity….

  7. Hardly a surprise, we all knew they’d be DLC.
    When’s MoH out btw? Doubt I’ll get Blops2, so need to get my FPS fix from somewhere.

  8. First, if this DLC is only 2 maps then WTF! 2 maps will hold the average FPS player interest for about a weekend.
    Secondly, while it no longer bothers me to announce DLC before a release, it would be nice if they included the price and a release date. I’m sure publishers use these early DLC announcements to ensure the buyers that they’re committed to future support (and profits) of the game, but if this is their intention they should also give us an idea of how much more cash we’ll have to invest to get the “full” game.

  9. The negativity in these comments astounds me. EA are probably the biggest reason this hobby of ours actually exists. Look back into the past, some of the biggest franchises of all time have come from EA.
    Personally I’m really looking forward to MoH and dlc is a good thing as it lengthens the experience. If you’re not happy, don’t buy it, I’m just a touch disappointed Tsa has become a whingefest recently.

    • I know what you mean. EA are crucial to this industry. But that doesn’t mean that they can get away with doing whatever they please.

      • What have they done wrong? Announced dlc? How it that such a bad thing to do? We all know its coming, they’ve just made it official.

      • The reason why people are complaining is because they have announced a dlc pack before the game is released. Most people believe that it’s content THAT

      • should be included into the final game. Personally they took development time to create this dlc, when the could be polishing up the final game. Dlc has played a major part this gen(some great others no so much), but it’s practices like these that annoy consumers the most.

      • The people making these levels would be twiddling their thumbs otherwise. They’re not really the same guys that are currently busy squashing bugs.

      • Tbf i’m not really on about this particular situation because as teflon said, it will be a seperate team . I’m on about other things such as their constant butchering of franchises and some of their poorly made decisions. Just because a company has been crucial up to this point it doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want and get excused because they’re the ‘biggest reason this hobby of ours actually exists’. I agree that this situation really isn’t that bad – I mean, people are being more negative about this than Asuras Wrath selling the proper ending as DLC.

      • I think you’ll probably find any game that gets dlc works the same way, its planned from the start and people are working on it before the game releases. All EA have done here is tell us what we already knew, MoH will get dlc. That’s a good thing, not a bad thing. People need to stop moaning about absolutely everything. This site was once a happy, joyous place, that atmosphere is now changing to fall in line with all other bitchy, moany websites.
        The irony that I’m bitching and moaning isn’t lost on me, but at least I’m doing it for the right reasons.
        The gaming industry is in massive financial difficulty. Developers collapsing left, right and centre. Sony are losing billions each year. The cost of games has remained the same for decades while every other good has gone up in price. Surely people understand these companies have to find ways to remain profitable? The cost of development has shot up yet the price of a game has not. That cannot continue as a situation without the industry completely folding. So if games need dlc announced for the industry to survive, all the better IMO.

      • I fully understand you. As someone studying Games Development and as someone who wants to get into the industry I fully back your views there. Also, as I said this situation doesn’t bother me, I love DLC – it extends my favourite games. I mean, I have BF3 premium ffs! I’ll take all the expansions they can throw at me on that.

      • Here here Tony. Well said mate :)

    • It’s almost a given that end users be critical (and more) about publishers and production companies isn’t it? No matter what market.The internet though has had a Chinese whisper effect with whining,thats all thats changed really.
      Personally though Ea still irks me over Bullfrog and then the Ultima 2 fiasco but it’s not like i get sleepless over it.Mind you i could punch Bobby Kotick for no explicable reason (not a videogame thing as i have exactly the same reaction when i see Ed Balls).

    • Back when the SEGA Genesis was new, EA decided that the licensing deal from SEGA wasn’t to their approval. So the magic little EA elves took a SEGA Genesis Dev kit and reverse engineered it. They then showed this EA box to SEGA and threatened to release the EA “console” if they didn’t receive a better deal. It’s why EA games for the Genesis look different. They basically sold unlicensed Genesis games. SEGA caved under the EA pressure because EA would have killed the Genesis just to turn a quick buck. Just one classic example of the integrity of EA. The smug bastards even keep the (illegal) machine in their museum and are happy to tell the tale.

  10. dag nab it, the game isnt even out yet.

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