Become A Founder With PlanetSide 2’s “Alpha Squad” Initiative

Sony Online Entertainment’s colossal online shooter will be completely free-to-play when it launches later this year though the Everquest creator is already looking to make some money back via pre-release micro-transactions.

Similar to CCP Games’ approach to their own PS3-exclusive shooter, DUST 514, SOE is offering a founder’s bundles that includes a variety of in-game perks and awards as well as instant beta access for those still awaiting their invite.


Priced at £29.99 the Alpha Squad pack includes the following:

  • Instant beta access
  • 4,000 free Station Cash
  • Exclusive in-game camo for weapons, vehicles, and armour
  • Exclusive Alpha Squad decal
  • Six months’ 10% XP and Resource boost
  • Exclusive “Founder” title
  • 12 weapon unlocks

In PlanetSide 2 players align themselves with one of three warring factions as they attempt to capture territory across an ever-changing, persistent in-game world. Immensely ambitious and huge in scale, PlanetSide 2 is easily one of our most anticipated PC launches of the year.



  1. Effectively a “pay to win” promotion then?

    • Nope.

      Station cash and weapon unlocks will definitely speed up your progress but when it comes to a one-on-one fight, Alpha Squad members are on equal pegging with F2P players of the same skill/level.

      • Ah fair enough, it read to me as people getting an “unfair” advantage by pre-ordering.

        Not tried DUST yet, but can’t you buy more powerful weapons etc early through microtransactions? Thought this was along the same lines! My bad :)

      • In DUST 514 everything revolves around money, whether it be in-game currency or paid for currency, both of which are used to unlock advanced weaponry.

        In my experience, there’s no difference between playing for free and using real cash. All weapons need to purchased in quantities (you lose one per death) so premium players will be able to afford more. However, if you’re smart, you can sustain your income of weapons and other gear using the cash earned from regular battles.

        Hope this clears things up a bit ;)

      • Ah right.
        Didn’t realise that u lost a weapon per death.
        So, if u buy weapons, u can basically afford to die more? :P

        Given my FPS track record, I’d better find my bank card before trying it then!

      • DUST 514 gives you 4 default load-outs that have infinite stock (you can use them forever.) However, if you customise one of these or create your own, the components needed need to be purchased in quantities. Every time you die you lose 1 stock of each equipped item. If you run out of stock, you’ll simply have to revert to one of the default classes.

        It’s a fairly bewildering system, though there are options in place to simply restock everything instead of sifting through the market and tediously buying each component separately.

        Buying better components will give you certain advantages, though not enough to create imbalance against those using standard equipment.

      • Well, the other weapons you buy with in game money do allow for advantages over stock, but the real money ones aren’t meant to over what you can buy with in game money.
        I found it all a little cumbersome. Nice idea, and there are some nice touches, but found it a bit too small scale.

        I did finally cave and get the founders packages for PS2 though. A lot of beta stuff is still locked out unfortunately meaning that you can’t really progress willy nilly. Also feel that it needs more long term goals. One of those games that would be great with mates or other people online, but can be a bit lonely/headless chicken on your own.

    • Dust 514 beta is slowly getting the balance right. Earlier on you could come up against people where you might as well have been shooting confetti at them.

      You may be able to buy better equipment or weapons but you cannot buy skills (as far as I’ve seen). This means that you may have weapons & equipment in stock which you cannot use yet.

      • wow i thought confetti guns were only available in modern warfare 3…I’ve got a dual mag rapid fire confetti gun class set up…
        well it would seem as if i have.damn quick scopers

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