Cloud Storage Upgrade Launches Tomorrow For PS+ Subscribers As Firmware 4.25 Readies

As part of tomorrow’s firmware update (v4.25) Sony will increase the maximum cloud storage capacity for PlayStation Plus members from 150MB to a whopping 1GB.

The service is used exclusively for user game save data, allowing players to conveniently restore lost files after data corruption or hardware failure. As an additional bonus, PlayStation Plus members can arrange for their console to automatically upload their saves to the cloud instead of doing so manually.


Sony confirmed that both Double Dragon Neon and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World will be free to subscribers later this month. Members will also be able to access SEGA’s Jet Set Radio HD a week before regular PSN users with an exclusive 10% discount.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog



  1. Sweet now can we please have an update that shows the vita online & trophies on ps3.

    Thank you.

    • Probably never gonna happen.

      • Why would it never happen?

      • I heard about it from Shuhei Yoshida, they don’t see it as much of an issue.

  2. Good stuff,mine always says its full when its not lol

    • I’ve got that glitch too , happened after it got full and i culled a lot of unneccessary saves to make room. I guess the 1Gb upgrade won’t fix that message but it’ll be great not to have to worry about it for sme time.

  3. “As an additional bonus, PlayStation Plus members can arrange for their console to automatically upload their saves to the cloud instead of doing so manually.”

    Didn’t know that. Nice.

    • Mine already upload to the cloud automatically during a set time. Have I missed something here. My original 60gb ylod on me 2 weeks back and my last external backup was may 2011 so the game save to the cloud saved me here.

    • MIne does that already too. Always has done, I’ve never manually uploaded any of them.

      • I know you get prompted the first time you insert a game, but if you select no & change your mind later, that option is gone for good.
        A setting to display, or not to display save option & not take feature away permanently after, would be better.

      • Mine too, I always choose yes when asked after loading new game, silly not to.
        Wonder if it’s not going to ask and save all?

      • Just read the PS Blog and you can set it to auto save all games, the option to save when new game is loaded is still there if you don’t want it to save every game.

      • The option to upload the save for a game automatically isn’t gone forever if you don’t choose it. Just click triangle on the game and you can change it.

      • Cheers Bodachi, i’ll check it out.

      • It looks like i’ll still have continue, to be selective what i save.
        I’m already at 980mb & thats with not using the auto feature on all my games.
        I also need a 500, or 1tb hdd. I’m juggling what little space I have on my 250gb. Curse you free game collection.

  4. Tomorrow probably means tonight.

    • Seeing as we get firmware updates at ~3 – 4am

  5. Mine’s already 1G, has been for a week or so.

  6. Yippee

  7. Nice for when you get ylod or want to save space, but please update ID colour choices, so I dont have to buy a Vita I don’t want, just in order to get black.

  8. Great, mine has been full for ages….can’t believe Street Fighter 4’s save file is 18Mb!!

    • Yeah that save size just makes no sense whatsoever.

  9. That is a lot of save space! Happy days. I’m always looking for something to delete with just 150MB, which of course defeats the purpose. Cheers SONY!

  10. Fantastic news! Now I can upload some of those pesky Skyrim saves.

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