Terraria is Coming to Consoles

It has been announced today that Terraria will be coming to PS3 and Xbox 360. Terraria is a side-scrolling action-adventure sandbox in which exploration and combat are the central mechanics. As well as loot, and we all love loot.

The console port will be published by 505 Games, who you may know as the publishers of Sniper Elite V2 and Naughty Bear.

Details on how the game will handle with a controller are unknown, but it seems there may be some new content for both console and PC versions of the game, if what Tim Woodley, Head of Global Brand at 505 Games, says is true:

“We’re looking forward to bringing an already hugely successful experience to a brand new console audience and we can’t wait for the existing Terraria fan base to experience all-new content.”

The port is due to release in early 2013. If you want to know more about Terraria you can go and read one of the two Cheap PC Gaming articles that covered it.

Source: press release.


  1. Is this PSN? Don’t think it’d be worth a full retail release.

    • Done :)

    • U know what I was going say something silly like do a vita version ha!

  2. I hope the PC is getting this content for free here, after they so abruptly stoped development of the game.

  3. You know what? Even though this game was really popular, I didn’t like it at all. Nice to see some more support for it though.

  4. Awesome!

  5. great, and unlike Minecraft, we’ll see a PSN version as well.

    i mean, i love the game, but signing exclusivity deals left right and centre is not a very indie attitude Mojang.

    if the controls are up to scratch this will definitely be on my list.

    no, not that list, my must buy list.
    if it’s a download it couldn’t go on my other list anyway, unless that eu court ruling is enforced somehow.

  6. Must get around to actually playing the games in my Steam library that aren’t Dungeons of Dredmor, Oblivion or Football Manager…

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