Here’s Your European Wii U Info Round-Up

If you’ve been paying attention you know the date, November 30th, you know there’s no price set in Europe with retailers free to set their own and you know that Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive.  Here’s a quick run-down of the other info we gleaned from Nintendo Europe’s Wii U presentation.

For those of you who like technical information, the Wii U console has 2GB of RAM with 1GB available for games (double the total RAM in the 360 and PS3) and 1GB reserved for the system with Nintendo giving the example of being able to browse the web without interrupting your game.  Though presumably you’d pause it, right?


The optical discs it spins have a 25GB capacity and Nintendo said the drive had a 22.5 MB/s data transfer rate.  If they really do mean megabytes (MB) and not megabits (Mb) that gives the drive around double the data transfer rate of the PS3’s Blu-ray drive.

You probably have already heard that the Wii U will come in two different models, Basic and Premium, with differing amounts of internal storage and different collections of items in the box.

The Basic pack containing a white 8GB console and white GamePad is clearly targeted at those more casual players who just want a drop-in replacement for their long-suffering Wii.  They can use their existing controllers, play their existing games, both disc based and transferred from WiiWare and Virtual Console.  The pack contains nothing extra apart from the new cables they’ll need; an HDMI cable and AC adaptors for the Wii U and Gamepad.

The Premium pack with its black 32GB console and GamePad and the same cable set also includes a stand for the Wii U and a simple stand and separate charging cradle for the GamePad.  It also includes a sensor bar and a copy of Nintendo Land, the Wii U’s 12-minigame equivalent to Wii Sports.  Naturally, the Premium Wii U will also play Wii games and let you transfer digital purchases.

The Premium pack also comes with Nintendo Network Premium which for two years from launch will earn you points for digital purchases equivalent to 10% of the purchase price.  When you’ve earned 500 point you can change them into €5 (or your local equivalent) to spend online.

There will be a Wii Remote + Pack available at retail containing a Wii Remote controller, nunchuck and, curiously, a sensor bar.  The idea being I guess that you can buy that and a Basic Wii U pack to get fully up and running for a minimal outlay if you don’t have a Wii already.  And of course there is also the Wii U Pro controller for those of you who’d like to play with a 360-shaped controller with the analogue sticks in PlayStation positions.

[videoyoutube]Explicitly listed for launch day, November 30th remember, are Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, Rayman Legends, Zombi U, FIFA 13 and Mass Effect 3: Special Edition.  A Zombi U bundle including a black Wii U and Pro controller will be available at launch.  ME3: Spec. Ed. contains a digital comic to bring you up to speed if you missed the first two installments and the Extended Cut DLC.

Download titles mentioned included Trine 2: Director’s Cut, featuring new levels and 4-player local or online play, a new Toki Tori with level editor functionality on the GamePad and twin-stick shooter Nano Assault Neo.

Post launch releases include Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, The Wonderful 101 which we knew under its working title of Project P-100 when we saw it at E3, the aforementioned Bayonetta 2 and Lego City Undercover that will initially come with a limited edition Chase McCain, the game’s hero cop, minifig.

In addition to the games already mentioned a sizzle reel showed us Assassin’s Creed 3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Disney’s Epic Mickey 2, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition, Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, Sonic and All-Stars racing Transformed, Darksiders 2 and NBA 2K13.

Lastly Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate got some time in the spotlight.  It will be able to share save games with MH3 on the 3DS and be able to play together with the 3DS over local wireless.  Naturally, you’ll be able to play online with MH3 Ultimate too.

There’s a lot of good stuff there.  Does any of it take your fancy?



  1. Looks…meh. The system is clearly a great piece of hardware, and the controller, although not to my tastes, looks good too. However, the hilarious lack of a sizable storage (I’ve got about 200GB of games and films on my PS3. As in, 32gb is silly.) and of course, the lack of a substantial lineup of games, besides ports, means that I will be staying FAR away from this system.

    • I think you and the whole of TSA writership missed a very important explanation from Reggie. After reading this I think their plan is very clever and thye have a good point.

      “Fils-Aime explained that, with the continuously dropping price of memory, there was little reason to offer pricing for the Wii U — available in $300 and $350 — tied to an evolving hardware model.

      “The reason we did it that way is that the cost of that type of storage memory is plummeting. What we didn’t want to do is tie a profit model to something that’s gonna rapidly decline over time. We’ll let the consumer buy as much as they want, as cheaply as they want,” Fils-Aime said.”

      • that sounds like rubbish imo.

      • How so? They are basically taking a similar approach to it like Sony did with user exchangeable HDDs but you have to use USB HDDs instead. This means you can use stuff that most of us have lying around at home anyways and you don’t have to format your consoles OS everytime you swith to a different storage. Compare that to Microsoft’s approach where they want to sell you comparably small HDDs for the price of HDDs with 2-4 times the capacity.

      • I know Reggie said that in the US presentation, but this was all written immediately after watching the European presentation, which is why it didn’t get mentioned. :-)

      • I want my first console to have at least 250gb in 2012 just shows that the wiiu would look even more expensive for what it is a so they skipped it imo. that controller is crazy price as well it looks like a fisher price toy.

      • Compare that price to the PS3’s launch price…
        You can hate the controller all you want but Nintendo is getting one thing right that Sony still fails at: Remote Play. That alone for me is a killer feature.
        To put the controlelr’s price into perspective: A Sixaxis controller was 60$ at launch. Nintendo’s controller only costs 40$ more and has a screen built in that allows you to play any game running on your Wii U in your palms.

      • your forgetting one thing when the PS3 launched 6 years ago things cost way more than they do now the wiiu is no nextgen console.

      • New hardware is always pricey and the Wii U has much newer hardware with better specs built in. You saying it’s not next gen doesn’t change that fact.

      • it does change the fact what you get is cheap the must be making a huge profit on it.

      • At the end of the day Nintendo is still running a business and they want to make a profit. Sony is currently struggling in that department, which is why they are releasing a very cheap PS3.

      • @Jaffa-the-Cake
        Exactly the point. However, if they include, say, a 250GB hard drive inside the console, the cost for the console would be much higher, and these hardcore gamers that use lots of memory would be complaining about the price. I’ve read about how a lot of them wouldn’t pay anything past £250 for this console. So how would Nintendo win, exactly? Give them a substantial amount of memory, and then let them upgrade to as much as they like, for as little cash as they like.

        Its a move that is supposed to benefit users. But, of course, people like to cry and moan, instead of sitting back and thinking about it first.

      • Nintendo had a terrible year last year so it goes both ways Sonys stock is on the rise so things are looking up I would say. there releasing that PS3 to put up against the wiiu at xmas imo.

      • Radiitz the console is over £250 already without a harddrive.

  2. I have no idea what Nintendo are thinking including such a small amount of built-in storage. Probably supports SDHC cards (so up to 32GB). I guess the USB 2.0 ports could probably handle streaming games from an external HDD, if it is supported.
    I wonder if this will mean no full-game downloads?

    • No, full game downloads are supported. Mario is one of them, I think.

      • And they’re likely to be set to RRP prices, according to a recent statement from Iwata.

  3. i’m sure there would be trade up options for Wii owners, and i might be tempted by those if it weren’t for the fact that i couldn’t play my Gamecube games anymore.

    i mean i could dig out my Gamecube, if i can find it, but then i’d have to play them in nintendo colourbleed-o-vision™
    though i have just done a bit of quick research, i googled it, and there does seem to be a Gamecube rgb cable, and a component cable, but that’s like 70 quid, for a cheap one, some people on ebay are asking over a hundred.

    and also, they’d probably want the wiimote with the trade in, and i’ve only got the one, so i’d either have to get the premium, and i do like the look of the black Wii-U, or the basic and buy the controller pack separately.

    well, whatever happens, i know i’ll end up getting one eventually, but like the Wii, it might not be for quite a while after launch.

    • My Gamecube is currently on second-telly duties, running via RGB Scart into an HD TV. I find the picture’s okay if I keep it in 4:3 rather than 16:9. It helps that the TV handles SD content well too.

      If you do further consider, the expensive, component cable route be aware that not all Gamecubes have the digital AV output it uses as Nintendo took it off later ‘cubes from about 2004.

      When I get my Wii U, the Wii may well find itself replacing the Gamecube on the second telly so I can use its component connection for my Gamecube games.

  4. That gives some mixed feelings. The pricing is correct, not great, was it $250 and $300 in the US it’d an easy choice, be at least it’s not the ‘PS3 extortion’ launch price. Storage could be an issue, but I guess this is more to do with Nintendo’s target demographic and to keep the prices down. Games so far, apart from ZombiU and New Super Mario, are not appealing to someone who has a PS3 to make the jump. Many of those launch game will be bargain bin for the PS3 and 360 by Christmas (Ninja Gaiden 3, I’m looking at you). But for people who got only a Wii, not a bad launch lineup.

    • Sorry, the price was $200 and $250.

  5. Have they said what the internal storage is, HDD or SSD?
    8 and 32 GB are far too small, look how digital distribution has increased with this gen consoles. I can only see it getting bigger when the next PS and Xbox are launched.

  6. Zombie U premium edition for only £349.99, seems game (or nintendo edging their bets):

    • Tescos are doing it for £329
      Gotta love competitive pricing :)

  7. I’ll wait another year and get a proper next gen console. This is just for the Ninty fans.

  8. I wasn’t really that interested before (beyond wanting to have every console obviously) but then they had to go and announce Monster Hunter didn’t they?!

  9. I know some people came away from yesterday’s info a bit disappointed but it was all good news for me really.

    – The price point is perfect meaning I can use my store credit at Blockbuster without spending any actual cash.
    – ZombiU and Rayman (the two games I’m most interested in) are both launch titles.
    – Bayonetta 2 is coming.

    Time will tell if the console proves successful but I think Ninty have done a great job overall.

    • Absolutely, they’ve cleared up any doubts I had. The only baffling omission from yesterday’s EU presentation is that they didn’t mention the Gamepad being available separately at retail. Will that be a Japan-only thing to begin with?

      • Really? I thought they did? :S Granted they didn’t mention a price but I could have sworn I heard them mention that a second gamepad could be purchased seperately, though it wouldn’t be required for the first batch of games.

        If it helps, the video I watched was a 40minute one on the Wii’s Nintendo Channel

      • As far as I know they won’t release second game pads (with screens) until there are actually some games available that support two controllers. The regular pro pads will be available for 50$.

      • After some checking this morning, in the EU and US the Gamepad will not be available separately at retail until the 2-Gamepad games are.

  10. i wonder if you’ll be able to play Blurays on it, hell, will it even be able to play audio CDs?

    • AFAIK it will not play Blu-ray discs.

      • Unlikely as it would require a second or compatible Blu laser and paying royalties.
        Given that the transfer rate is much quicker than BD, it’s sounding like a no.
        On a related note, as I said the other day a quicker optical transfer rate means it’s unlikely that games need to be installed to HDD so less HDD space wastage.

        Personally I don’t use games machines as DVD/BD or CD players anyhow as it wears the life of the optical drive down more than it needs to be.

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