Wii U Hits Europe November 30th

Further to the Japan-centric release information this morning, Nintendo have just confirmed that the European release of their latest console will be a little earlier, on the 30th of November.

Nintendo, like they did with the 3DS, haven’t set a retail price for the console in the UK or indeed across Europe, presumably leaving it up to the supermarkets to fight amongst themselves.


The Wii U will launch across the US on November 18th, with two price points: $300 for the basic 8GB version, and $350 for the Premium one, with 32GB storage, a stand, Nintendoland and the Premium Points deal, which lets you earn points back from eShop purchases.



  1. Hmm, still no further forward then. Was hoping to know the price so I could pre order on my way home from work tonight.
    Eurogamer Expo is coming round very shortly and I’d imagine the WiiU will be there. May as well play it before making a final decision.

  2. The basic is $50 more than the Wii launched for and the Wii launch at £180 in the UK so that would be about £220 for a basic Wii U and £260 for the premium.

    No info on controller prices?

    • I think the price will be at least £250. The Vita launched in the Us at $249 but was £230 over here.

      I predict £250 and £300

      Gamerpads £100

  3. Ridiculous storage sizes.

    • And just saw the price of the controller: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Day one NOT buy for me then. I can’t think of the last time anything by Nintendo got me excited. Probably never.

  5. Wow bayonetta 2 WiiU exclusive

  6. That price is not for me really. And I wonder how many Wii owners will shell out that amount for the new system.

  7. Where’s the fucking marketing!? Sorry for the swear but Ninty seem to be taking a leaf out of Sony’s book and not bother to market it. So far, we have seen erm… i’ll get back to you on that one.

    Also i really hope forced installs are not on the Wii U otherwise many U owners may be run out of space.

  8. Over the £200 makes this over the almost impulse buy threshold

  9. If the Wii U controller is going to retail at over £100, then you have to consider that the actual console is very cheaply priced. This is just going by some of the half arsed articles that I’ve read around the internets….. some articles even read like there isn’t even a controller included with a basic console and it needs to be bought seperately!!
    My view though is that the pricing is very reasonable and excellent value…..with a controller included of course!!

    • Without a U controller included it would very overpriced, but that’d be commercial suicide anyway!

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