Joe Danger: The Movie Review (XBLA)

Hello Games entered the gaming consciousness in 2010 with the release of Joe Danger, which was met with critical acclaim. The title put gamers in the shoes of Joe Danger, a stuntman who would navigate various courses in a side scrolling manner while facing off against Team Nasty. Now Joe makes his return and this time he’s making a movie.

Joe Danger

Be The Star of the Show

Joe Danger: The Movie can be described in four words: colourful, fun and frustrating. The sequel has built upon the original with more stages, challenges and vehicles. The main game mode is Movie Mode which features five acts, inspired by film franchises such as Indiana Jones, James Bond and Jurassic Park. Each act has a different number of stages with different criteria for success, such as collecting all the stars or completing the stage within a certain time.


The stages themselves are full of colour and offer a lot of variety, as well as stage specific hazards that can make or break your run, like the first stage which sees Joe in a mine cart hurtling down a hill dodging lava pits.

For those who think that Joe Danger: The Movie will ease players in, you are sorely mistaken. Joe Danger: The Movie starts off fast and furious then ramps itself up to almost impossible levels.

Players will have to learn quickly how to control Joe and his many modes of transport with a trigger button for acceleration, one for reverse, face buttons for boost and jumping. The shoulder buttons act as the trick buttons. The challenge lies in pulling off combos to rack up the points while maintaining control to achieve the different objectives each level offers.

Completing the objectives is the key to advancing through stages.

Earn to Unlock

Each completed objective gains one Star, which acts as the in game currency to unlock more stages. If you get to a point where you don’t have enough Stars to unlock a stage then you’ll have to replay a stage of your choice and complete a challenge. As well as the star collecting and time trials, other challenges include finding letters to spell Danger in a stage, some of which are only accessible by using a jetpack, which is one of the most fun and easiest vehicles to control, or disarming nuclear missiles by landing on top of them.

What’s good:

  • Joe Danger: The Movie is incredibly fun and offers a great challenge.
  • Stages are colourful and varied.
  • Inspiration from well know movies is nicely implemented & the soundtrack is brilliant.

What’s bad:

  • Some stages can be a bit too frustrating.
  • Lack of online multiplayer is a shame.

Outside of Movie Mode, there is the Deleted Scenes mode. These levels focus on different skills such as maintaining trick combos through an entire stage to performing air stunts and landing in certain zones. These challenges can also be considered as difficult as the main Movie Mode, especially the levels where you have use a unicycle to travel along a wire while maintaining balance. Instead of Acts, there are Cups such as the Totem Cup or the Dino Cup. Again, stages are unlocked by completing the objectives presented.

Movie Maker mode allows players to build their own tracks and share them online where others can download them for free. The stage builder is very easy to control and a major plus is being able to edit the stage while playing it. Stages that are built can be as simple or as complicated as the maker wants, and it will be interesting to see what kind of stages players create.

The other plus is that once the main game is completed there will be a variety of stages to download which will lengthen the time spent with Joe Danger: The Movie.

Multiplayer is also available but there isn’t an online component. Multiplayer modes include simple races where players compete to rack up the most points, to a Capture The Flag style mode. Leaderboards make a return and ghosts are present on tracks which show how others did on the stage. This adds a competitive spirit but the lack of a full online mode is a shame.

Joe Danger: The Movie is a fun game that offers a great challenge to gamers, though it has a steep learning curve. Players will have to rely on a lot of trial and error to advance past certain stages. Though there are frustrations, you can’t help but love the game design and the different challenges.

Score: 8/10


  1. BIIIIG FORMAT. Having to scroll along to read a review is very annoying :( Solid review nonetheless of course and its great to hear that Joe still delivers the goods :)

  2. Great review, I hope the PS3 version (if/when we get it) is as good.

  3. Good review,i’ll download the demo later on.I hope the the music is as catchy as the first one.

  4. I have to say… I can’t say I like the sound of that:

    “Joe Danger: The Movie starts off fast and furious then ramps itself up to almost impossible levels.”

    Still… hopefully a demo first – when it comes to the PSN.

  5. i actually feel pretty stupid. for months leading up to this game, ive actually believed they were releasing a joe danger based movie. ive been reading articles always thinking well thats gonna be a bit weird. kinda disappointed that its a game now.

    although i cant help but think that all the casual gamers out there may make the same mistake i did due the misleading name. or maybe im just stupid haha

    • I was in the same boat for the first few articles. There’s room in the dunce’s corner over here.

  6. I’ll wait till its free on PS+.

  7. “Joe Danger: The Movie can be described in four words: colourful, fun and frustrating.”

    Ummm… was this deliberate, or can’t you count? :)

    • colourful = 1
      fun = 2
      and = 3
      frustrating = 4


  8. I loved Joe Danger, can’t wit for the sequel to hit the PS Store… if it ever does, of course. :(

  9. Got this on PS3 and its just as fun as the first but regret buying now as like LBP I’m starting to get bored of the series.

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