PS Vita To Get New Comic Reader Next Month

Unveiled as part of Sony’s TGS conference, the PlayStation Vita will be getting a fully featured, all new comic reader in October.

The Comic Store will return to the PlayStation Store but now called Reader Store (it was great, if not limited, on the PSP) and the new reader will (obviously) include lots of touch screen functionality and the ability to view comics in portrait mode.

Hopefully this will also roll out to a Western release.


  1. I personal feel burnt by the PSP comic book reader so I doubt I’ll be using this. I’ll stick to comixolgy.

    • Yup. Get ComiXology on there, and then we can talk…

  2. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice….. No don’t think so.

  3. Make my PSP comics available on my PS Vita and I’ll think about buying some more.

  4. after last time?

    as if.

    and with the way sony have been operating lately, the comics i’ve already bought won’t even be usable on this new service.
    if they do put them back up, they’ll be the same files we’ll just have to buy them again.
    that’s the way they work now if the PS2 “classics” are any indication.

    • The PS2 classics are downloads of files people don’t own (the recompiled game to PS3), bad comparison in my opinion. If you have the original disc, you can play them on a PS2 or a backwards compatible PS3. The problem with the comic book store is that Sony tried to centralize the operation and provide contents themselves, instead of a partnership with Comixology, Dark Horse or other publishing companies. Huge mistake in my opinion.

  5. If the comics are anything like gravity rush then count me in

  6. Not interested in a comic book store.

    Why not go the full hog and just make it an ebook store? Or better yet, an ebook reader?

    • Or even better, get Amazon to port the Kindle app to the Vita. Much more efficient.

      • Yeah i agree this would be an amazing app for the vita!

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