3DS XL Gets Its Own Circle Pad Pro

[drop2]The Nintendo 3DS XL, by all accounts a better (albeit bigger) revision of the original 3DS, launched without a second analog stick.

Despite a handful of games playing much better with two sticks, the decision was made to provide another plastic add-on down the line, and this morning Nintendo have confirmed that it’s coming with the first image released.


The image shows another snap-on unit, like the first Circle Pad Pro, which considerably bulks up the size of the already rather massive 3DS XL.

I still think this is an absolute mess, a design disaster, and still have no idea why Nintendo didn’t take the opportunity to add one to the main console itself when they did the XL revamp.

There’s no price or date yet. In the meantime, here’s our review of the 3DS XL.



  1. That looks hideous, but I think we all knew this was coming when they unveiled the 3DS XL first. No pad built in meant there was surely a peripheral on the way.

  2. looks nice I think

  3. i don’t mind the look of it so much as the fact that you’d have to shell out for another piece of hardware for the second analog control that nintendo should have made a standard feature.

  4. This is naughty. Make more money out of their customers for not including it in the original design. That would piss me right off if I owned one. Thankfully, I don’t.

  5. Just plain stupid.

  6. Jeez, it looks like a “Cut & Shut” bought from Kuntz Auto’s.

  7. To be fair, I can’t see where they could have put the second circle pad on the actual console where it wouldn’t have been uncomfortable to use (without moving the left one too)

    It’s still a mess though.

  8. does this one come with it’s own garage?

  9. I still refuse to even consider buying a 3DS until they release one with a second pad built in…

    • How about if they just released an awesome game? Like Project X (Cross) Zone.

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