Community Chronicle: 23/09/12

We’re all giddy with excitement at being able to mob Peter with hugs, jaffa cakes and alcohol next week. How about you? Are you going to EGX too?

But before we get there, it’s time for another Community Chronicle.

The last two weeks we’ve seen some big, high-powered PCs with mice, TSA stickers, and internals all on show. This time out, we head back to our roots. Big TV, games consoles and shelves stacked high with games, DVDs, Blu-rays and collectables!

It looks like Spikey Mikey has quite the set up, and the bookcase on the left has well over 100 games shoved on it. I like a man who hoards stuff.

Of course, no picture of Mike’s set up would be complete without a shot of his racing wheel attached to his zimmer frame!

If you’d like to help me out with some photos of your rig or gaming set up, just drop me a photo using the form at the bottom of this article, or get in touch with me on twitter and ask me for pointers!

There might have been a few big games out this week, but all that means is that everyone is doubtless plugging away at LBP Vita, Borderlands 2 and zooming around on F1 2012!

So rather quiet, but some more landmarks for the tables. We have R1MJAW polishing his speedy Platinum for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Element666 has the same for Skylanders and Wolf-of-Chaos has the Platinum for the devilishly tricky Dark Souls.

Speaking of which, Steven Watch this week sees the eponymous Steven finish Dark Souls and immediately embark on his New Game Plus run through. Good job that man. If you want to read some rambling madness from his end game brain splurge, then you can find his forum thread here.

Be warned, this crazy man is crazy!

All the rest of you, I know you’re playing plenty games, so keep going!

Last week it was Colmshan and bmg_123’s little LBP Vita Games as A-Level art discussion that took the prize biscuit home. Good job you two, even I would have liked to see more people dropping votes into the machine.

No matter, as this week we kick things off in what feels like an all Tuffcub and hazelam show!

Tuffcub kicks things off relating how he responds to people trying to insult him by calling him gay in online games… He chases the poor little homophobes! Then we have hazelam thinking that surely a retro styled console would be wood, not glass, but it takes Amphlett to lower the tone of this one.

Bmg_123 reckons we should have a “X days since last mistake” counter for SCEE’s PSN department. Whilst hazelam hasn’t forgotten that it was Bethesda that first brought us really expensive horse armour.

Finally JBoo wishes disc swapping pain on 360 buyers of the recently announced Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

Get those votes in, and I’ll see you all next week. I leave you with the usual submission form:

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  1. I’ve noticed that i’m missing a lot of hair once i had completed Dark Souls as well as a missing wall and the remains of 90 controllers. :p Probably caused by a super mario game. The final boss was a pushover mainly due to me summon two phantoms, one i wasn’t even aware of untill he started to kill enemies. :O There’s also some tips in that thread. :) Oh and ignore what Origami says as he is trying to decieve you. ;)

    I would normally call anyone a whore for getting a plat but i won’t because it’s Dark Souls and i suspect Wolf has to attend anger management sessions as well as buy a wig due to premature loss of hair. ;)

    • I wanted to vote for your reply to JBoo but it’s just as well that wasn’t an option – the last thing you need now is a swelled head on top of all that hair loss.. ;-)

    • Lets just say i now look like homer simpson.

      • You managed to put on several hundred pounds!? :O I know Dark Souls can be cruel but for it to cause you to comfort eat. :O

        I suspect Tef felt that me having two mentions in the chronicle is too much. Barsteward!

  2. You missed me getting my first Platinum of the whole year!! Shame on you.

    • He’s only jealous, that’s why he didn’t include it.

    • You did? Did you post about it somewhere? I didn’t see it! :S

  3. I gloated in 2 threads :p Tony Hawks one and the Trophy banter one.

    • Sorry! I must have skimmed through a bit too quickly. I’ll make amends next time out.

  4. I think Sony need to make the zimmer-steering wheel an official PS3 accessory, it’s immense. I’m not going to ask how the poor elderly man/women then found their way home, but great improvisation Mikey!!

    • actually, i think nintendo are missing a trick here, how many grandparents got given a wii? ^_^

  5. Haha, that wheel and Zimmer set up is immense, almost on the scale of my adapted fold up Camping table/TV Dinner table that houses my DFGT wheel and pedal set. Amazing the things that can be utilised :P

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