Introducing TSA’s Eurogamer Expo Coverage [Video]



  1. Bagsie!

  2. well, that video thumbnail turned out a bit camp.

  3. Have you brought a small child with you?

    • some urchin on the London streets wailing after its mum.

  4. Can you punch an EA rep for me in the face? :p As well as a SCEE rep?

    Okay, in all seriousness, can you try to get an interview with a Bethesda rep and try to find out what is the current status of it? And if possible, get some footage from as many games as possible. Suspect peter will end up forcing Kris to make him breakfast,lunch and tea then begging Kris not to leave when he threatens to resign. In other words, it will just be another normal day for them. ;)

    • Poor kris.

      • Don’t feel sorry for him as it is in his contract to provide Peter with any service he requests.

      • No that’s not right, although Peter did promise to sell Lewis to me. It was may years ago but I still have the email :)

      • But it is right. It was in Kris’s new contract that he signed. Bit odd that Peter only gave him a new contract.

      • I believe Peter has promised that he will give Kris unlimited bacon so it may be the other way around.

  5. Oh Christ on a bike why did you say “if there’s anything you’d like to see us do put it in the comments”????

    Someone ban Steven quickly before he notices.

    • Oh bollocks too late.

      • Oi! I was only going to suggest everyone does the worst dance that they can think off in a video for our enjoyment.

      • I hve two words for you: Gangnam Style.

        Oh yes.

  6. Wait. The Twitter account isn’t @tsa2…?!

    • The day that actually becomes a thing will be the best day of my life.

      • Soon.

      • Alex: Trolling since 2009

      • Adam:Wearing a pink cowboy hat since 2011

      • Steven: Spamming since 2010 ;)

      • Sympozium : changing his avatar frequently since … well, since i started noticing.. :D

      • :3

      • T-T Symp: Lover of Japan and thinks he is in an anime.

  7. I would like to see as many videos as possible showing off some games that your allowed to show since I wont be there to play them this year and also interviews with developers, those are always interesting.

    I do expect to see a video of Peter either part or fully naked up on the site by Sunday evening though.

  8. I’ll be there on Saturday, hopefully I’ll be able to put some faces to some names!

  9. It’s alright. I won’t let the site die while you’re all away. If you hear about any fires in the servers they’re nothing but malicious lies.

    • so when do you want me to burn down the servers in order for you to gain complete control of the site? We are not alone are we? *flees*

  10. Not so much fussed with expos which is a darn shame but can’t wait for all the coverage.

    I haven’t a clue what’s out in 2013 or even near Xmas… for PS3, Vita and a few PC games. So new games from indies or sequels I’d never expect to happen would be nice. Then Wii U stuff and Interviews from the developers of Simcity, Hawken or Carrier Command would be sweet. i’m not sure what else :/

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