Sony To Offer Digital PS3 Releases At Cheaper Than Retail

Sony, or at least Sony Australia, will start offering discounts on digital downloads over their retail counterparts – no doubt annoying the high street shops but pleasing those of us that like their games readily available on the hard drive.

The scheme, aptly named “PSN Day 1 Digital”, will strive to offer download versions on the same day as they hit the shelves, and will also – where available – come with a ten per cent discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers.


The first confirmed games are Dishonored, Resident Evil 6, Assassin’s Creed III, the zombie Craig sporting 007: Legends, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Quite how the likes of EA will manage with this scheme when they’re seemingly happy to flog games like SSX for ridiculous prices on PSN we’ll just have to wait and see, but it’s definitely sounding like promising news on the whole.



  1. One baby step forward…finally on the road to proper digital pricing. (Haha at EA: £57.99 for SSX!)

  2. I predict that EA will try to bully Sony into not selling their games for a decent price via the store. Can see SCEE cocking up and putting the decimal point in the wrong place thus causing the price to be very expensive and will take 9 weeks to sort out. ;)

    It is a bit of a risk that they are taking because if it fails, the high street shops may refuse to stock certain games or PSN cards.

  3. It isn’t the fault of one single publisher but them all, they want to have the cake, eat it and then make you eat it again. :)

    Digital Content will never be cheap when the same publishers flogging it digitally are selling to retail stores. They cannot under cut their own source of revenue and thus this is why we have PS3 games at ridiculous prices. Even the XBOX Market Place offers some crazy prices all be it they do tend to alays be at RRP £49.99.

  4. Well done Sony, this is a small step to proper digital distribution, thats how it should be. EA can stick anything they sell up their arris.

  5. blah blah blah, acta non verba Sony.
    All the games on the store are more expensive than retail, if they really wanted digital downloads to be a success, the price would reflect that, but it doesn’t.
    £58 for SSX is a joke and is an insult to consumers.

  6. About time things at Sony started to move in the right direction.Maybe now they can take the stableisers off.
    Psn day 1 purchaces at SCEE? Does not compute initiating self destruct countdown sequence 10..9..8.

  7. How different are the prices on PS3 games at retail in Australia vs the PSN store now?

    I thought that the massive undercutting of RRP was something that relatively unique to the UK, so it sounds like what Sony are trying to achieve could be considerably easier in certain markets.

  8. 10% off retail will still generally be higher than prices in the shops. Usually deals etc. to be had in store.

    • not on day 1.

      • I disagree for example today:
        Fifa 13 digital Price: £49.99 – 10% = £45

        In store even without a deal would be £39.99 max.

      • Nah, it will be £42.99-£44.99 in-store, less online obviously.

  9. all the bricks and mortar sotres simply just have to start pushing the relevant credit top-up cards

  10. Still works out more expensive than retail as there’s no trade in on digital.

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