NCSoft And Nexon In Talks With Valve, Presumably For Asian Distribution

According to VentureBeat, NCSoft and Nexon have been in talks recently with top heads at Valve. The site claims it’s to do with a potential buyout, but it’s much more likely that the Korean companies are looking to set up distribution deals for key software.

Regardless, VentureBeat claim that there’s an offer to buy out Valve at around $893 million, although this is unlikely to go anywhere even if it’s true, given that the company that owns Steam and publishes and developers some of the best PC games on the planet already turned down EA’s $1B offer.


Indeed, it’s actually probably to do with Nexon – who set up the hugely popular free-to-play MapleStory – wanting to bring more Valve games to Asia. Representatives from each company – according to the rumour – met at Nexon’s Hawaii-based development summit recently.



  1. I thing Gabe Newell once said that he would rather see Valve disintegrate than sell it.

    • Also, don’t these people read the news? If VentureBeat is correct, why would they even attempt to make Valve a lower offer than the one they already turned down?

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