18 Minutes Of Hitman Absolution Gameplay

Square Enix have released an eighteen minute video showing off the new ‘Contracts’ mode for Hitman Absolution.


The new mode allows gamers to create missions by recording how they perform a hit in one of the pre-existing levels.

Players can decide which weapons to use, who to kill and specify parameters such as making sure the bodies are hidden or that the hits are performed whilst wearing a garish costume.

Source: YouTube



  1. Hoping to check this out more at EGX, I’ve not bought a Hitman game before but this looks like some stealthy fun, and I like the idea of making your own contracts!

    • Well if you like the idea of making contracts, the closest thing you can legally do is to get a job in an opticians and make contacts… just saying.

      • Or become a lawyer and make actual contracts!

      • Well there’s a couple of ideas for him. It’ll probably be easier playing the game but its nice to keep your options open.

      • I actually prepare contracts sometimes, but for contractors, and they’re aren’t much fun!

      • I contracted something off a female companion once & that wasn’t much fun either.

      • Or work in Staples and photocopy someone else’s then adjust the small print to read “payment to Youles”.

      • My penis contracted at the thought of double-daves contraction. Yuk!

  2. Contract mode seems excellent. I do hope they will put in a lot of inventive ways to complete a contract. Although, can see playing through the level mulitple times getting a bit tedious when setting up a contract and you keep getting spotted or cocking it up.

    Does have some potential for TSA comps. :) Keep forgetting about Hitman. I’ve played Contracts and can’t remeber if i liked it or not. I do hope Diguises will be more effective this time around instead of the AI seeing through it within seconds. At least, that’s what i remeber. Don’t think the Eagle vision suits Hitman to be honest as it is a bit out of place. imo.

  3. might as well skip that stand on sunday then….

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