Grid 2 Devs Talk Touring Cars, AI And Street Courses [Video]

We interviewed Clive Moody, Iain Smith and Gehan Pathiraja from Codemasters about next year’s Grid 2 release. We asked them about AI, street courses and Touring Cars, heard some interesting answers about handling and hit big on “videogames PR Bingo” with 2 instances of “We’re not talking about that yet”. What a result.



  1. Nice interview, the Racenet sounds like its got good ideas behind it, spanning lots of games makes it sound less of a gimmick.

    Was it muggy in there or was the cameraman getting the dreaded steady effort sweat? I get it all the time, my palms go like jacuzzis!

  2. Some advice, take a tripod ;-)

    Nice Microphone too, good signage :)

    • My fault, I usually use a monopod (it’s much lighter to carry all day) but I forgot to lift it as we were leaving so this was handheld and I was squatting down to get the right level but I almost fell over at one point :-/

  3. After the video yesterday (or day before) I was getting a bit worried they were going down the same route as the latest Dirt games but after watching this my mind is more at ease.
    Pity they haven’t got anything planned for the Vita.

  4. Sure.



    Couldn’t resist :)

    Good interview, it’s always nice to see thesixthaxis interviews because you remember the community and what we have been commenting on in these sections. You asked some important questions, it’s just a shame they were still reluctant to answer some of them! Let’s hope they learn from previous mistakes and release information soon.

  5. Cracking interview Kris, all bases covered. ;)
    The game will be another CM success no doubt. Still not certain of the main theme of the game, although it sounds like it’ll have some nice touches. With the original Grid idea being included and enhanced there’s some hope of the BTCC being included.
    Just give me Toca Touring Cars PS3 :P

  6. Glad you asked about Touring cars! Thank you

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