Great Deal: Total War Weekend

SEGA are holding a Steam sale on the whole of the Total War back catalogue as part of their promotion of the upcoming Total War: Rome II. The sale lasts the whole of the weekend through to October 1st and includes:

  • Empire: Total War – £2.49
  • Napolean: Total War – £3.74
  • Total War Master Collection – £24.99 (includes all of the below)
    • Empire: Total War – £2.49
    • Medievil II: Total War – £7.49
    • Napolean: Total War – £3.74
    • Rome: Total War – Gold – £3.74
    • Total War Battles: Shogun – £3.74
    • Total War: Shogun 2 – £22.49
    • Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall Of The Samurai – £18.74
Check out some of the screens from Empire: Total War and Total War: Shogun 2 below then click through the source link to grab yourself a bargain.

Source: Steam.



  1. Want to take the plunge, don’t really have the £24.99 for the whole collection unfortunately, so what’s the best out of Empire: Total War, Napolean: Total War and Total War: Rome?

    • Yeah same here. Which one would anyone recommend?

      • Hard one to call:
        Empire: Total War is one of my personal favourites however, that was only after buying all the DLC unit packs for it so that each nation had different troops and felt fairly unique. The scale of the game compared to the others is great though and I have ploughed an insane amount of hours into it.
        Rome: Total War is still great nowadays despite the graphics (they don’t bother me personally but I know others don’t like older games precisely due to this reason, but they are bearable). It’s great to take on the Barbarians using Roman Legions or conquer Rome as the Gauls. Brilliant game, but it doesn’t run well on newer systems as it’s not very optimised.
        Napoleon: Total War is the only game in the series I don’t really love. It’s a good game but just didn’t grab me, too similar to Empire and didn’t seem like much of a change to the formula. Plus, the scale of it when compared to Empire is pretty small.

        Personally, if you want to buy any Total War game, go for either Shogun 2 if you want better graphics and audio, or if you want a game with unique nations and a great feel to it go for Medieval 2. Still has decent graphics, huge amount of varying nations, and pretty damn good AI at times. That game has to be the best overall in the series so far.

        Really looking forward to Total War: Rome II though, pre ordered….

      • Agreeing with Yogdog above. Rome is much quicker to grasp however Empire does have a lot of depth and Napoleon even more so. So it all depends on what you want out of each of them.

      • Thanks guys

        Gone with Rome and Empire

        Pennys count :(

  2. Also just throwing in that the mega pack for total war is also available for £26.24 containing Medieval II + Kingdoms, Rome Gold and Alexander, Empire with DLC and Napoleon with DLC. However it does not contain Shogun 2 like the other pack.

  3. Its often on sale yet i never have the money around to buy some of the games. Besides my HDD is way too low so I’d have to upgrade that first to play Shogun and stuff.

  4. Got pestered into buying the bundle by a friend.
    I’ve tried the tutorials to Rome and Empire so far- they don’t seem as intimidating to control as strategy games usually are, maybe I can actually get into these properly?

    • That’s what I found with them. I’m normally rubbish at strategy games but felt like I got on well with Rome total war

  5. Bought Empire Total War for 2.49 yesterday, tempted to pick up Medieval 2 for the same price today. Rome is still my favourite by far, just can’t be beaten.

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