PlayStation Plus Satisfaction Levels Have Jumped From 50% To 97%

[drop2]Jack Buser, PlayStation’s senior director of digital platforms, has said that satisfaction levels of PlayStation Plus subscribers has risen from 50% pre-E3 2012 to almost 100%, mainly due to the recent Instant Game Collections.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Buser said that this year’s E3 was “when we focused the value proposition of the membership on the notion that if you’re a member, you have access to an instant library of games.”


“That week of E3,” he added, “we saw a 2-times lift of new membership sales. It just skyrocketed.”

“It was a very conscious decision,” he said of the change to actually providing some games to subscribers, “but it’s also part of the evolution of the product. One of the great things about a digital business is that you can be very agile. You can respond to your community’s wants and desires.”

“If you do things that they don’t like, you can stop doing those things. If you do stuff they like, you can do more of that stuff. Gamers want games,” he said.

Of course, it’s not all about the gamers: Plus works for publishers just as much, as witnessed by the recent arrival of the first Borderlands game on the service just as the sequel was coming out.

“It’s a great opportunity for the publisher to get that IP out in front of all kinds of new people,” said Buser. “Some of the most active and vocal people on PlayStation Network are PlayStation Plus members, and a whole new group of people were exposed [to the Borderlands franchise] right in time for Borderlands 2.”

DLC, too, is a major factor in publishers giving out ‘free’ games, but with an all-time high in terms of renewals and satisfaction, it’s clear the gamers are more than happy.



  1. What is a satisfaction level and how is it counted?

  2. I have to agree the instant game collection is awesome I subscribe for another 2 years when they had the £29.99 plus sale on. Love it Love it Love it.
    At last something we all really wanted I wont be renewing my Xbox live any more due to this.

    • I stacked my sub for another year as well when i still had 9 months left. It really is great value.

      I even managed to pursuade my son to trade his 360 in for a PS3 with the lure of some of the free games on plus, as he can play them too because my account is active on his console too. I really did not want to renew a gold sub on live as it seems such a rip off compared to plus.

      The last straw for the xbox was when i realised that you need a gold account for things like netflix – why??? We already pay a sub to netflix im not paying M$ the same amount netflix costs again just for the honour of watching it on the 360.

      • “Seems a ripoff”

        No “seems” about it. :) It always has been, as a PC gamer for many decades I was always amazed they managed to get away with charging for a basic right of gaming.

        Don’t get me wrong, Live is incredibly functional and if you enjoy your Xbox and want to game online it’s an absolute no brainer, but despite what people tell you the online “experience” isn’t _that_ much better than the free PSN and far far less flexible than either PSN or PC. I pay for both at the moment (XBL/PS+) and without a doubt PS+ combined with free PSN is by far the best value for money.

      • XBL is a rip off! It wouldn’t have been so bad if there were no adverts on the Dash and you got dedicated servers.

  3. “If you do things that they don’t like, you can stop doing those things. If you do stuff they like, you can do more of that stuff. Gamers want games,”

    Now I know he is lying, there is a few things I don’t like but they still doing it, like those creepy ps3 adverts & those adverts for games that deserve publicity oh wait!

  4. Playstation Plus has converted my Mrs from XBox to PS3. Well that and a (more than) unhealthy obsession with Nate Drake (than mine).

  5. I don’t have Plus but I have to say since Hack-Gate I’ve been keeping an eye on the freebies and offers and they’ve generally been a lot more appealing. Good news all round really :)

  6. Been a plus subscriber since day 1 but its only now I feel like I’m getting value from plus

  7. Renewed it till 2014 :D

  8. It is a fantastic service for anyone just venturing into PS3 gaming, heck I bet it could actually shift consoles! I’ve subbed since the outbreak, which was a bit mediocre but the metamorphosis of the service has been incredible. This years sub at the discounted offer price of £29.99 was nothing short of January Sale madness in the Summer!!
    Put me down for 100% Satisfaction ;)

  9. I’ve always been happy with PS+. Sony have been doing a lot to get people on it. instant game collection sold the service pretty much.

  10. They struck down parts of PS+ (PS1 Classics & minis) and it became more powerful than they could possibly imagine.

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