PSP Comic Store Closes Soon, Downloads Dead After January

Heads up: the comics store on the PlayStation Store is closing next month, according to the platform holder, and any downloads of purchased content will cease to be available to grab again after the start of next year.

“After this date,” says the press release, referring to next month, “users will be unable to purchase comic content from the PS Store’s Comic Store.”


“Where licenses permit, previously purchased or downloaded content will still be available for download until mid- January 2013. After this date users will no longer be able to re-download any previously purchased content.”

PSP content, including comics, can be backed up via Media Go.



  1. A digital delivery system closes down. I’m fascinated to see how people react. I guess everyone gets to keep everything.

    • I’ve always worried that this could happen to our PSN games, maybe during the next few years they’ll do a cull of older games stored on the sever, plenty of old demos have already gone like that free Gran Turismo HD which wouldn’t re-download for me earlier this year. Worry worry worry, do I or dont I get Burnout Paradise on disc just in case?

  2. This is why DRM free media is superior and why I’m not so keen on buying digital content on closed systems such as consoles.

    I’m still resisting but I know, in time, I’ll either have to give in if they keep ruining physical versions (with online passes, DLC vouchers etc.) because there won’t be any alternative or get it out. So the day the online only console is made is the day I’ll stop.

    • i have to agree.

      i really don’t like this move they’re making with the comic store.
      if they’re allowed to do this, then what’s to stop them doing the same with games?

      if they do relaunch the comic store for Vita, i can tell you, i won’t be buying.
      firstly, there’s the fact they may abandon the store which means if there was a book i was getting into it will just end and i’d be left hanging.
      secondly, why would i pay for something when they may just take it away at some point?

      i know ownership is a passe concept for some, but i’m still quite fond of it.

      and the Vita manager needs to be online right?
      who’s to say when they take the comics off the Vita store that won’t also prevent you from copying the comics you’ve already downloaded over to your Vita, frankly, i wouldn’t put that kind of thing past sony at this point.

      and i really doubt the comics we’ve already bought will work in the Vita comic app.

  3. It’s a real shame as the comics app works really well, I can’t understand why Sony hasn’t put it on the ps3? Reading comics on a large tv with cover flow would be great.

  4. This is a bit strange. Its like when Outrun was taken off the store and everyone whom didn’t have it installed on that day lost out. They’ve given plenty of notice but it still sucks. You’d think they’d strike up a particular deal to do with percentages of profits etc per sale after a certain amount of time if its no longer cost effective as it currently stands. Better get my 1TB hard drive so I can download all my games before they start yoinking them! ;-)

  5. That’s Why Digital Content has Zero Collection value!

    You down’t really own what you paid for, since your ownership depends on the health of the service you bought it from and not from you. If the service goes away, so does your ownership of the digital item, and you’ll complettly loose it when the next format of your device’s memory hapen.

  6. its a shame to see it go but weird that it hasn’t went over to Vita/PS3.

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