New Halo 4 Trailer Introduces The Mantis Mech

343 Industries has released a new trailer for Halo 4, which highlights the new Mantis Mech.


The trailer also shows the map Valhalla, which has been renamed Ragnarok.  The Mantis looks pretty powerful, but we’ll have to wait for a little while longer to find out if it really is that tough. Halo 4 is due for release on November 6th.



  1. That mech teabag at the end… not sure if that spoils or makes the video to be honest

    • Kind of spoils it I think… Given that many regard this as the game that will either pull the Halo franchise back up to where it should be (as the 360s flagship shooter) or sink it forever I don’t really think tea-bagging is the image they need to be portraying right now.

  2. The trailer seems to be smart and filled with wonder at first, and then, when the music starts it just turns generic and bad.

    • Have to agree, I thought the video was actually pretty cool, until the generic dubstep/techno came on. That genre of music is getting seriously overused, and this is coming from a fan of dubstep.

  3. Goodbye Martin O’Donnell, welcome Neil Davidge…

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