Assassin’s Creed III Will Have A Season Pass

Ubisoft have just announced that Assassin’s Creed III will offer a Season Pass, granting access to all five forthcoming DLC packs to players owning the original game on PS3, 360 and PC.

One piece of Assassin’s Creed III downloadable content will be “The Tyranny of King Washington”, which according to the PR is “an all-new single-player campaign” available as a continual episodic story through three DLCs that will let players “experience an alternate history of the American Revolution”.


The five chunks of DLC will be available within a six month window. The Pass will cost 2400 Microsoft points, or £23.99 on PS3.



  1. isn’t it on the psn store today?

    • That would be a touch early wouldn’t it? The game isn’t out for around a month or so.

      • sure i saw it earlier?

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, i am of course not saying you are lying – Just if it was there, i don’t really see the point in it being there so bloody early!

        Although, they have started doing pre-orders now haven’t they? So perhaps its part of that ‘thing’ maybe.

      • Yeah, I’m pretty sure its been on there for a few weeks in the AC3 pre-order section

    • Yep, £23.99 or whatever your currency is; not too bad IF there’s a lot of content involved, but then again that’s over half what the game costs already, so…

  2. More importantly, it hints at a reliable and modern Nintendo online store.

  3. Nice to offer a discount but no thanks, I can pick up Max Payne 3, Sleeping Dogs or DarkSiders 2 for cheaper than a few “add-ons”.

    • That’s exactly my issue with DLC – It’s quite expensive in some cases & isn’t usually subject to massive reductions like full price games are.

      Good for those that throw themselves in stock & barrel & have to have everything released for a game of course, but someone like me? Nah, i’ll just buy another game! :D

      • It’s a shame as I’d like to play all thataside games have to offer, but not if that game is going to cost upwards of £64 for a standard edition.

      • should read “all that some games”

  4. i dont think this is a good idea, iv always found the assassins creed DLCs to be abit boring.

  5. Nope.

    When I use xtra money on a CE, I expect it to include pretty much everything, so I’m not giving them more money for a season pass.

  6. Nah, if it’s all single player content then maybe… But there’s bound to be mostly multiplayer stuff and I don’t see myself buying all of that anyway.

  7. Meh, season passes, I’m starting to think that it’s a bigger news if a game WON’T have one.

  8. I’ll wait for the GOTY edition. My crazy backlog of games will keep me going for a long time to come.

    • great idea, much cheaper and with all DLC included

  9. £24 for DLC that you don’t know is good or bad? I’m guessing you can still buy each part by itself without having to dish out for all.

    Still not impressed with this new thing of saying they already have DLC ready before the game is released. Just out of principle I don’t buy it, because it’s not right.

    Put it into the game, make the game amazing and you will have more people buy it.

  10. Yeah, i would rather buy a game new or a few games preowned for that price. Plus, i rather get the GOTY edition. I wonder if the season pass will cover all DLC or if it’s going to be all DLC except for this and this, oh and this etc.. Won’t stop me from picking up AC3 though. :-)

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