Preview: Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain DLC

Lets face it, Trials is simultaneously one of the most aggravating and most addictive game series on XBLA. If you don’t know what it is, then it’s best described as a mercilessly difficult 2D bike riding platformer where you race against time to get to the end through a variety of environments and best times on the leaderboards.


Trials Evolution already came with a lot of content in the package, but with Origin of Pain RedLynx are adding a huge amount on top of this. There are 36 new tracks, taking the game to brand new locations on the wholly new Paine island that doubles the size of the setting from the main game.


There are also 10 new Supercross tracks for up to four players to go head to head on locally and over the internet.

They’re also adding a new element in the form of a BMX pedal bike, rather than motorbikes which there were previously. Finally, there will be reams of new effects, events and objects for avid level creators to play around with from bits of crashed planes to big cannons to jump into at the end of the levels.

It’s all still excellent fun. The new levels are tricky enough to complete let alone master, and the BMX has much different handling compared to the existing bikes. It’s very happy to tip you backwards as you pedal up a hill, for example, and a bit lighter and zippier on an incline.

It’s a really big content pack – out tomorrow with a budget 400MSP price point. It might be more of the same, but it’s bound to be a must buy for fans of the series.

That’s not all though, as RedLynx and Ubisoft have also been working hard on bringing the series back to PC. RedLynx started with the series on PC, where they released Trials 2 before moving to a partnership with Microsoft for Trials HD on XBLA. Now that they’re a part of Ubisoft’s family, they have a few extra resources to spend and can spread their wings to include more platforms.

The Gold Edition is going to include all the content found in Trials HD and Trials Evolution into one single package, adding up to over 120 tracks, skill games and Supercross tracks. It won’t include the latest DLC, but it’s also not just a pure port of the game and there will be an extra layer of shine and polish applied befitting of much more powerful machines. Not to mention that even without the DLC there’s a huge amount of content included heading into the release in early 2013.

For those without a 360 or a half-decent PC, we’re sadly still out of luck. Having said that, with Ubisoft’s support maybe we’ll see Trials hit the PS3 at some point?

Fingers crossed.



  1. Having said that, with Ubisoft’s support maybe we’ll see Trials hit the PS3 at some point?

    This is the 360 exclusive I want more than any other. One of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played.

    • Absolutely! It’s so much fun going head to head with 3 others.

      As I said, fingers crossed Ubisoft and RedLynx make it happen.

  2. What makes me even happier about this is that I have 411 MSP on my account! I know what I am spending them on ;)

  3. Really want to see this on PS3, I’m not getting a 360 just for one game :(

  4. Any one know when this is out? Was supposed to be yesterday, but hasn’t appeared.

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