Meet The Guy That Beat Futurlab’s Fuel Tiracas

Fuel Tiracas, the 40 pence PlayStation Mobile game from Futurlab, is amongst the most popular released last Wednesday as part of Sony’s wide ranging, ambitious cross platform service. You can read about it here, but it might be better – if you’ve got a Vita or one of the supported Android devices – to just download it and have a go yourself.

And when you do, check out the scoreboards. See that guy at the top of every single level? It’s Carl McGruer, a man who has clearly mastered the art of the game’s demanding mix of dexterity and memory. And in the spirit of things (I was up there before the leaderboards were purged when the game released) I caught up with Carl to see how he did it.

[videoyoutube]TSA: You’re pretty good at the game, then.

Carl: Thanks!

TSA: Why? What about the game made you decide to be the best at it?

Carl: Honestly, I think it’s because it’s the only game that I’m good enough to be on a leaderboard! When I first tried the first level I got around 30-something and I was in the top 20. Then I tried it again and got 10 seconds and that got me in the top 10. So I was really chuffed with myself that I was in the top 10, so it just started from there really.

TSA: It’s addictive.

Carl: Yes, it’s really addictive. I literally spent all day playing it so I could keep my place on the leaderboards. Drained my Vita’s battery twice in one day!

TSA: Are you bothered that PlayStation Mobile games don’t yet use the PSN, so the leaderboard doesn’t pick up your real name?

Carl: Not really. CarlStuart is actually my PSN name so feel free to add me! I just used it when you’re uploading your score to the leaderboard.

TSA: And the lack of trophies? Does that bother you?

Carl: Well, Fuel has trophies but if you’re talking about the them being linked to your PSN account, a bit. I mean, I guess that’s what separates PSM from minis. Although, PSM confuses me. Is it a rival to Apple’s App Store? Is it an upgraded form of minis? Is it just going to be games that are on PSM? Sony didn’t really say much about it, just “here it is” – they really need to learn that advertising is important aspect to selling things.

TSA: Have you tried Futurlab’s other PlayStation Mobile game: Beats Slider?

Carl: I tied Beats Slider but I’m rubbish at sliding puzzle games so I don’t think you would see me on the leaderboard any time soon! I think I may get Velocity because I read many great things about it but it just slipped under my radar.

TSA: Finally, because I’m sure you want to get back to those leaderboards, is there anything you’d change about Fuel Tiracas?

Carl: Not sure really. Maybe I would lock the leaderboard so I could stay first forever!

James Marsden, studio head at Futurlab, responded to Carl’s talents. “We designed Fuel Tiracas to support a very high level of commitment and skill,” he told TheSixthAxis, “and Carl has clearly reached the upper limits of this as another player tweeted that he must have bionic thumbs!”

“We all want to see him play,” he added, “so YouTube is definitely calling…”

Maybe there’s a TSA competition in the making here – if anyone fancies trying to better those scores of Carl’s, that is. Fuel Tiracas is out now on PlayStation Mobile – grab it from the PSN Store on your Vita.



  1. Bought the game yesterday. already addicted

  2. Dammit release PSM for the rest of europe already!

    • Oh and it’s out in europe go on the PSN then onto the mobile gaming section, it’s in there.

      • Playstation Mobile isn’t available to most of Europe for some reason.

        I can’t get it in Ireland, for example.

    • I think its strange that its available up in Northern Ireland yet down South doesn’t have some of the Playstation services?
      Sony should get that sorted especially with other countries, its giving them a bad reputation… and I’m sure millions are not going for Playstation next gen because of these issues…

  3. I hate you Carl! You’re too damn good. Anyone else having a problem with the game constantly crashing? It’s amazing but it crashes after every 3rd game or so.

    • It will crash if your Internet connection drops out whilst you’re playing, particularly if there was a net connection when you booted up, and not when you reach the score submission page.

      We’re hoping to fix this issue, but in the meantime you can either ensure your net connection is healthy as you play, or turn wifi off on the Vita until it is healthy, rebooting Fuel in either case.

      That should keep it stable. Apologies for the annoyance this is causing you!

  4. I could pretend that the Carl here is me.

    Unfortunately, it isn’t.

  5. I bought the game after being impressed with Velocity. For 40p, it’s great. Good presentation and simple concept. However, although I didn’t play for long (maybe first three levels), I found the fast way to complete the game was to rub my thumbs up and down the left and right edges as quickly as possible. That’s a serious problem if that tactic holds out for the entire game.

    • You can spam the game like that for the first two levels, the rest have fuel types that require some thought.

      Happy you think the price point is acceptable :)

      • Thanks for the reply =]

        The price point is more than acceptable! Really, it could sell for a little more. Hope it makes you a profit and good luck with future developments.

  6. Great price – bought the game yesterday, it is insanely addictive. Have had a lot of crashes as mentioned earlier in the comments but otherwise a great buy.

    Would love to see a video of Carl playing too. Those times he posted are crazy.

  7. Can’t wait for Playstation Mobile to be release here so I can buy that game!

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