Favela To Be Removed From Call Of Duty After Complaints About Offensive Imagery

Patch incoming.
[drop2]One of the popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 levels, Favela, has been temporarily removed from rotation following complaints regarding offensive imagery from Muslim gamers, according to The Verge.

The content in question concerns two paintings above a toilet in the level, containing the quote “Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty”.

Activision has claimed it was unaware of the paintings, saying they “apologise to anyone who found it offensive” and is rapidly engineering an update to remove them.

“We are working as quickly as possible to remove this image and any other similar ones we may find from our various game libraries,” the publisher added.

As Kotaku says, it can be offensive to those of Islamic faith to see holy teachings written on or in a bathroom. The paintings don’t appear anywhere else in the level.


  1. Well… they’re only, what, three years late?

  2. While they are at it, why not change the mp experience so that normal regular gamers can enjoy it again. The won’t ofcourse, which is ok for me, but changeing a game for a religious complaint? GTF out of here.

  3. This is very obscure as i doubt most muslim gamers will notice this when they are killing 100s of Russians. That said, it’s a bit late due to it being 3 years old and chances are not many people will be that bothered. Pretty sure most MW2 players wanted Acti to fix the infamous amount of hacked lobbies. (i’ve not played it and only just repeating what i’ve heard from trusted sources). Wonder what the Daily rag will come up with? As it will force them to focus on either being racist or on their unholy hate of gamers.

  4. “We are working as quickly as possible to remove this image and any other similar ones we may find from our various game libraries,”

    Translation: “Tom the intern is Googling how to use clone-tool, and we’ll push out an update when he’s learned how to do that too.”

  5. Can’t believe MW2 is getting a patch! It’s still far better than MW3 (its not laggy and has decent hit detection, not to mention better maps) and if they could do something about the hacking I’d still be playing this game. The hackers have finally got “clever” and their hacks are far more discrete now, using “God” modes etc, the cheating wankers. I miss being able to play this hack-free.

    • Hackers stopped me playing CODMW 1, best fps imho.
      Might have been a good thing as i was totally addicted 2 it at the time

  6. Im offended by the new ’emo’ Dante in Devil May Cry. Please remove it at once.

  7. Amazing how they rush out a fox for this but have left it in its current hacked state for years. Good to see they have their priorities right

    • *Fix

    • You called?

      • That’s a rather odd looking fox, he appears to be scaly.

      • lol, its a cross breed

      • Sorry about that, hope you dont have to remove the article because my typo leads a flood of 2 complaints from muslim animal rights activists. ;)

      • Is that Basil? BUM BUM! (or should that be boom boom?)

    • Poor fox…

  8. I can only imagine this is a VERY early April fools joke.

  9. Oh you, muslims.

    • Carefull, you might get a fatwah;)

  10. Is this online too?

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