Latest Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Video Outlines Multiplayer Features

Launching next Spring, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will bring Capcom’s flagship to both the Nintendo 3DS and soon-to-be-released Wii U.

Aside from an HD buff in visuals, the Wii U will also allow hunters to band together in groups of four before taking the fight online via the internet. It’s by no means a revolutionary step for the franchise, having been featured in the very first Monster Hunter, though Ultimate promises a number of improvements as to how this section of the game will operate.


Much to our bewilderment, the 3DS version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, won’t facilitate online play. Instead, like so many other portable instalments of the series, co-op can only be accessed locally. However, it’s not all bad news: if sat in a room where there are three 3DS units and a Wii U, all four can join together.




  1. With no form of Adhoc Party from Nintendo its a huge miss for me and for the 3DS, nobody barely owns one.

    • *barely ones around my area…


      • Isn’t adhoc, local play (which 3DS will have)?

  2. Would love this on Vita.

  3. I would comment on this…. but it will just end up being another rant on how annoyed i am that this is not on Vita or PS3. Oh, look, I am commenting after all! And i can’t BELIEVE this ISN’T ON PLAYSTATION!!! ARGH!!!

    • Yeah. Why is this not on the PS3 or Vita?

  4. This is the main reason I’ve preordered a Wii U (alongside Dragon Quest X). Absolutely can’t wait!

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