Monster Hunter 3 Patch Incoming

The Wii U’s first major success story, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, is set to receive a major patch on the 15th of April.  The title has proven to be far more successful than both Nintendo and Capcom anticipated having sold out across Europe, though the patch should handily coincide with fresh stock arriving in stores.

The key features introduced are the ability to play off-TV and the much requested removal of region boundaries between servers in Europe and the US, allowing all the western Monster Hunter fans to mingle happily online together.


Conspiracy theorists felt that the original lack of off-TV play was yet another attempt by Capcom to milk customers by pushing them towards buying the Nintendo 3DS version of the game alongside the Wii U one. However the feature is now set to appear following “very loud and clear” feedback from the community, which is nice.



  1. I don’t get why Monster hunter isn’t multi-platform yet, Capcom could be swimming in cash… but its nice to see that its doing well in the west. Hopefully it gives way for newer games to be released sooner after the JPN release though MH3U was already quick which was nice.

    • Capcom have always had this odd approach to lots of their IP’s, and there’s often no real explanation as to why one game gets a mulitplatform release, with extraneous DLC designed to milk the most profit out of it, and another like Monster Hunter remains platform exclusive, with free and regular updates and quests!

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