Six New Dead Space 3 Screens

Electronic Arts and Visceral have sent over six new, not-scary-at-all Dead Space 3 screens.

The shots show Isaac pottering about in space, plummeting through debris and having a little dance with what appears to be a droid from Star Wars: A New Hope. Terrifying.


Dead Space 3 has been met with cautious reaction from fans after its action-heavy E3 showing and it’s still on course for a release at the start of February 2013.



  1. Is that even a Necromorph in that picture? They don’t often have ‘proper’ limbs.

  2. Love the first two, so I’m sure I’ll love this one, even if it has been actionified!

    • Same! I’d take an “actionified” Dead Space over most other games anyway. Also, it’s pretty hard for still screen-shots to seem scary anyway.

    • To be fair they “actionified” the second one. This looks very much the same. I get the feeling that the longer the series goes on the more it will go the way Resident Evil has (more and more action based when it was orignally a survival horror) which is a shame.

    • Perhaps, but I marginally prefered DS2 so I don’t see it as a negative thing. Also, I’m pretty sure the games are based on a story/comics so if they follow the path of that, it shouldn’t really be critised for following that direction.

      • I just prefered the way the first game played and felt over the second. I don’t like that the series has moved more into the action/shooter genre. I prefered it when it was all about the limited ammo and creepy tight areas. I’m sure they could’ve followed the comic/story and still kept the survival horror aspect of the game. They only changed it to open it up to more people. I just wish some publishers would leave the developers make the games they really want to make.

      • Each to their own I guess. I finished my Impossible playthrough of Dead Space 1 only two weeks ago and didn’t find anything limited – I fully upgraded my rig, kinesis, stasis, Force Gun, Plasma Rifle, Flamethrower, and still had plenty of stuff to sell should I have wanted to buy more Nodes for a 4th weapon. In fact, after the first 2 levels the sound of necromorphs moving in the vents above completely disappeared. Perhaps it was just harder to scare people in DS2 as most had played DS1, not that is was necessarily less scary. Either way I know what you’re saying though, as people have said similar things before, but DS3 seems to be assumed to be terrible before its even been reviewed or played, surely its only fair to reserve judgement until then. For example the 4th picture above might be scary depending on what guns/ammo you have, and the build-up, what section has just been done previously, if it jumps out at you unexpectidly, and the sound – it’s sometimes the enviroment at which these things are introduced that makes them scary, not the things themselves – a still picture is not a good representation to judge if something is scary.

      • As far as i know, the comic/anime etc all followed as a result of the first game. Was a new IP originally that they have built a world around to my knowledge.

        Oh & still pictures of DS can indeed be scary/creepy if they want them to be – See;

        The pictures on this article look a little like Isaac is just on a little jaunt in space! :)

        & agree with Youles that the ‘proof is in the pudding’ when it comes to the games release & i’m going to see what it looks like closer to release. But i have to admit to being a little concerned that it seems that they have gone down the action route a lot quicker then Resident Evil did.

      • I have actually only played the second game, excluding the demo of the first. I found DS2 to be scary, even if it was more focused on action. They were multiple jumps when a necromorph would jump down or fly from out of the dark. The worst time I had was in the little cargo room with all those stalkers making their horrible screams then running out from all directions. That was scary for me.
        However, with that being said as I soon as they introduce the coop, all those feelings will be lost. I hope you are always on your own in DS3, if you have the choice too.

  3. I am going to steer away from this one.

  4. That necromorph is not even remotely scary. And the other guy agrees, seing as he is blocking the attack with one arm :p

  5. That white suit looks pretty bad ass!

  6. I enjoyed DS2 against my expectations so i’m going to give this a chance.

  7. Dead Space 3 gör Teletubbied.

  8. Dead Space 3 GOT Teletubbied.

  9. Is it just me or is it brighter than the previous games? Looks almost cartoon-y like that.


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