The Walking Dead Episode 4 Hits European PSN Next Week

Sony have just confirmed that the slightly delayed Episode 4 of The Walking Dead will hit European PlayStation 3s next week, on the 17th of October, just in time for the brand new PSN Store which we exclusively revealed this morning.

Great news for those that bought the Season Pass, because despite the delay this is still a much quicker turnaround that some of the previous episodes. Fingers crossed Telltale and SCEE can work together on the final episode when it’s ready for launch.


Via Twitter.



  1. Still haven’t played ep 2 and 3 yet, so the delays don’t really affect me.

  2. Can’t Sony delay it for another month. Just purely because I love.e the rants on psblog every week. Or at least delay last minute. PRETTY PLEASE SONY. :D

  3. *love the

  4. i’ll believe it when i see it.

    • also, wouldn’t shambling be more apt? ^_^

  5. Getting better, we might even get ep5 a week early!

    Also what hazelam said…

  6. *covers mouth* coughs “Xbox 360 Done and dusted”!
    next episode please!

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