Sony Reveals New PlayStation Store

Remember that little snippet about the PlayStation Store getting a “new look”? It’s here, if you want to refresh your memory. Well, it was all (naturally) true, and at a special press reveal this morning in London – Sony are currently showing it off to us.

Many PlayStation owners have (rightly) voiced their opinions on the current PSN Store – it’s a little confusing, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for and it’s generally quite slow, with some icons and sections failing to load completely.

The new store, which is apparently coming very soon (there’s PSN maintenance on Monday, which might be pertinent…) takes lots of comments and feedback on board, and aims to create a massively improved experience for everyone.

We’ll have a full report on the new Store shortly, complete with interviews with key executives responsible for the changes and hopefully some answers to the questions we’ve all been asking for some time now. Stay tuned to TheSixthAxis today for all the news first hand.


  1. Will it change how SCEE sucks at providing games that are meant come out decades ago but looks good though they best sort the vita store too

    • £50 for AC3 sort it out

      • Ubisoft set the pricing, not Sony.

      • No matter how many times people are told Tuff, they either don’t listen, or choose to forget.

        People like to moan at SCEE a tad too much sometimes.

      • Skyrim is £34.99 on Steam…. Valve, Sort it out!!!

      • @Tuffcub

        Ubisoft sets the price, but it’s sony that allows it on their store at that price.

      • @Bladesteel It’s either allow the game onto the Store at a high price, or not have it at all. Atleast in the first case, people have a chance to vote with their wallets.

  2. Looks good but hope it is nice to navigate.

  3. Very nice.

    Cart though? I’d like a basket please

    • Lol I have an image now of a shopping trolley with an iddly-biddly PS3 case in the bottom of it :-)

    • You can get more in a cart! :P

      • Or a van. Baseball bats and balaclavas required though.

  4. Looks way slicker, the old one always felt a bit childish and didn’t fit the aesthetic of the xmb I felt….

  5. The new store looks excellent and hopefully everything will load up instead of half of the content, having to quit, go back to that page in order to get all of the content as that’s happened to me too many times. I do hope they will sort out download list as it’s a massive pain in the arse to navigate if you have downloaded a lot of stuff over the past few years. I would hate to have PS+ then try to use the download list. *shudders*

    I wonder if they will add publisher sections? Such as EA gets their own section and so forth. Hmm, i wonder if they will add an essistantal section?

    • I dont see the issue with the download list, i had plus for two years, and all I did was vaguely remember the time of year I bought something and scroll all the way down. Easy enough.

      • To be honest i’ve not looked at mine in months as i refuse to spend 10-15 minutes trying to find something as i would just end up going to the store and doing it from there.

      • 15mins! bloody hell, doesn’t take me longer than 2mins tops.

      • Maybe taking 15 minutes is using the one hand free method?

    • The list is SO annoying. The GTi Club DLC got withdrawn from the Store (and the Search results) as the licence ran out, so I had to look down my entire list of over 1,000 items just to find it. There should be a separate Search function for your own items/downloads, by format too now that Vita stuff is in the same list.

  6. Still the same menu’s and looks even more confusing for me. Also looks like the main menu on the 360 too (in a different colour of course)

    • product overview is better though, finally it tells you the size straight away and has DLC linked to the page! Very handy.

  7. It does look very nice but also I can’t help think that it’s almost as if the Metro UI went and threw up all over the storefront…overall though much better, and I hope that the download list has received some love too

    • Yeah, it’s looking quite metro.

  8. Does look a lot better and easier to read, just need to sort out there pricing next lol £49.99 for FIFA haha they can keep it.

  9. This looks like a massive improvement. If it makes it easier to read the entries and find the add ons, I’m all for this.

  10. Ooh! It’s Woollies pick ‘n’ mix all over again. {:’o

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