PlayStation Store To Get “New Look”

Although details are (unsurprisingly) scarse, Sony have revealed that the PlayStation Store will be getting something of an overhaul next month, presumably to tie in with the launch of the new PS3, PlayStation Mobile and the re-introduction of comics.

Apparently the remix, will make it “even easier for you to find and download the content you love from the comfort of your sofa,” which is nice. Hopefully it’ll also speed up the loading of icons and remove some of the ugly pauses from screen to screen.


And – although this might be wishful thinking – provide a decent web interface, something we’ve been asking for for well over a year now.



  1. I hope for their sake they sort out the download list.

    • Oh please let that be true

    • oh god yes, one long chronological list is no longer a viable option, not on a machine that’s five years old.
      even a set of basic sorting options would be an immense help.

  2. I imagine this will only make things slower, it was fine before they ‘updated’ the store last time the slim ps3 came out! Still better than the Xbox interface though, IMO. But please Sony get it sorted.

    • It WAS fine before, but now it’s a mess and needs fixing.
      I just hope that Sony revert back to the previous layout.

  3. To be honest, I’ve always found the store a bit of a mess. If you are just going on every week or so to look at new content and plus freebies, it’s fine, but if you want to look for something or just browse it’s a mass of duplication and confusing categorisation.

  4. In my opinion the biggest thing the Store needs is a better search or filter of your download history, including a checkbox for multiple downloads like the Save Files now have.

    Having a PS3 since day-1, and PS+ since day-1, and a PSP and Vita – my download history list has over 1,000 items and there are various exclusive items, day-1 items and items where the licence has expired that can no longer be downloaded from the Store. Therefore these items don’t come up in the Store’s search results and I have to search for them manually from my list for ages to find the content I want. Now that the PS3 is on it’s third iteration such a feature will be needed my more people as they transfer data from an old or broken PS3 to a new one and want to re-download DLC etc.

  5. At last, some of those ghosted empty boxes with items for sale in them might start appearing. They show a description on the left of the store page but theyr’e all wookey hole on the right :&
    I think that the US store layout is better than ours anyway, so maybe they’ll take a leaf out!!

  6. I’d prefer them to remake the PS Store as a web-store accessed through the browser, then it would mean full functionality for anyone that wanted to browse the store and buy stuff on their PS3. The PS3’s browser would need a major overhaul though.

  7. Just throw bandwidth and servers at it, please. If it’s blazingly fast, I can forgive oddities with the layout, but it feels like it’s running on a 56k modem, at times.

    • Sony are a decent sized company but their download speed on the store is laughable at times. There’s not another service I know of (from a multinational corporation) that has the bandwidth of a tapeworm’s chuff.

  8. It’s always puzzled me how some items on the store can only be found by using a typed search whereas just browsing the store in a casual manner would reveal nothing….bizzare!

  9. i was gonna say they need to do something about the five to ten second freeze after you download anything, but i think that’s a problem with the ps3 itself, as that seems to happen when you do almost anything on the xmb.

  10. No doubt the SCEE store will have technical issues and suffer from a delay

    • yeah they probably will have a scheduled maintenance for the day the store revamps lol

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