TSA F1 Championship – Groups & Tracks

Well, that was predictable… It looks like Monday may be disrupted by the PSN maintenance. I’m trying to get more details, and will update this post and those taking part via email when I can.

It’s time for the group and tracks to be revealed! Entries for our TSA F1 2012 Championship closed a few days ago, with a late flurry of entries putting their name in for the great bundle of prizes from our sponsors at Insert Coin Clothing and Elgato, and now we can look at who has entered.

Apologies for the day delay for this to go live, but I’ve already emailed everyone about some of these things, and you should all have this in your inbox from yesterday. If not, then everything is covered in this post anyway!

First up, though, we have the first instalment of a weekly commentary video, provided by by Death_in_Flamez, Chuggy and Liam. Featuring a rather nice intro reel, with the full race calendar around 4 minutes in, followed by some in depth analysis of the team pairings and form from previous years’ racing.


For those of you that prefer their words written down, the teams and tracks are all below.

Sunday – 5PM

– Lee_ma
– Motalla
– CarBoyCam
– Topgearsam
– JamboGT – Lobby host & moderator
– Camdaz
Red Bull
– Ro6afc11
– MadJunkBoy
– Chuggy
– Death_in_Flamez
Toro Rosso
– Snakefingers
– SpikeyMikey23
Force Malaysia (Force India, in all but name)
– Keaneplay
– Tomjakes

Monday – 7PM

– AshGraham99
– THLNetwork
– James_m2603
– Stanley1664
– Freezebug
– Teflon6678 – Lobby host & moderator
– Manorhowze
– OnlineAssassin77 – replacing Davidsmall2410, who had this spot in the video
Force India
– Colinbarr66
– Dangermouse9
– Sitorimon
– Dimjim94
Scuderia Escosse (Though they’ll look like Mercedes)
– Heedbaw
– Deadpool10

Race Calendar

Week 1 – Australia and Malaysia – 5 lap races

Week 2 – Canada – 25% race

Week 3 – Great Britain and America – 5 lap races

Week 4 – Belgium – 25% race

Week 5 – Japan – Grand Finale

See you on the track!


  1. Nice selection of tracks, glad to see the Grand Finale (hoping to get there) isn’t at Sao Paulo again my least loved track.
    Is there a forum thread for the champs?

    • Oh good point! I’ll set one up later on :)

      • Explains why I couldn’t find it.

  2. Exciting return, eh? It’s good to be back.

    • Showed you’ve still got it tonight!

  3. woo! bring it on!
    if anyone just dare to take last place from me…….!! :P

    GLHF guys! =D

  4. Splendid stuff, some seriously good drivers in both groups, nicely evened out actually ;)

    Loving the track choices, and being able to use our own set ups was a masterstroke, I find the engineer default set-ups a bit rigid and uncomfortable.

    Great work with the intro vid and commentary lads, although team Ferrari were slightly overlooked haha. ;)

    The only hope now that I have is that the usual Dynamic weather option doesn’t throw up the usual 80% + wet races……totally not random, seriously!!

    Great team driver in Tef (Why you no choose Hockenheim? lol), he has been pretty good with the Scarlet car in the past and we should have no problems with pit strategies in the upcoming 25%’ers.

    Bring it on!!

    • If you don’t make the final with me tapping people out of your path and then calling it a “racing incident” over the howls of anguish, then there’s no hope!

      Pit strategies will be easy. I’ll just spin out on the 3rd corner, and that’ll give you a good 20-30 second gap, so we can both pit whenever.

      • I shall be supporting you two! Ferrari are always my team :D

      • @Tef Lol, the new rule book sounds like it could give us a fighting chance then :P
        Pit strategy, I think I’ll go with premium tyres and a longer stint for the start, and can easily go a lap or two longer than recommended if needed…..which of course depends on whether there’s any visits needed to the wing shop :P

        @OK Tifosi FTW :O

  5. Think team caterham have got this in the bag after having the highly skilled replacement second driver drafted in… On a serious note id like to apologise to Mr Manorhowze in advance and dont blame him if he wishes to place a formal complaint about his chosen team mate. It might get lonely at the back of the pack :(

  6. Nice Idea with the promo Video really enjoyed the team round ups nice work.
    Looking forward to seeing both Mclaren drivers taking lots of points & progressing through to the final. Should be some mighty battles ahead, God Speed

  7. Nice video, interesting to see the outlook on each driver and team – just hope I can do a respectable job this year – last year wasn’t too bad but I hope to move forward a tad if possible…

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