U.S. Release Of Black Ops Declassified Has Free COD PSP Game

One Of Swords, Activision’s blogger Dan Amrich, is reporting that North American copies of Black Ops Declassified will include a voucher for Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.

The 2007 PSP game has a rating of 64 on Metacritic and was criticised at the time of its release for lacking depth.


Nihilistic Software CEO, Robert Huebner, has also revealed a few more details about the PlayStation Vita game, saying “It is not about the big campaign storyline and huge cinematics, it’s more focused on the multi player essence of Call of Duty.”

Robert said that models and textures have been tweaked to a higher resolution, “The biggest visual improvement comes from doing final polished lighting passes on the environments.”

Source: One Of Swords



  1. “More focused on the multi player essence” we’ll they lost my custom about there but probably gained a million new pre orders.

  2. Same. I wasnt fussed in the least about online play.

  3. Decent online multiplayer would be amazing. Can’t see it working personally, but if it does I’ll be a happy bunny.

  4. When I play a COD game I only want to play the MP so good to see that the focus is on that.

  5. What a balanced set of comments – 2 against, 2 for! :D

    • I believe that they should have given out free COD(the fish) with every copy of Blops:Declassified. Probably makes the balanced set of comments unbalanced now. >:)

      • Not really, it still workls out more or less the same.

        DixNeuf & Kivi95 want a decent multiplayer experience, shields_t & parryman want a decent singleplayer experience, whereas you just want… a fish!

        Makes no sense to me of course, but whatever floats your boat matey! :D

  6. Wouldn’t it be better to give away the Vita version? Or maybe just a discount code as giving it away free doesn’t make much sense commercially.

    • Well I guess that is what the Declassified bundle is for.

      • Yeah, I miss read it as Blops 2, not Blops for Vita. My bad!

  7. Is there any sort of cross over at all between this and Blops 2 on PS3? I think they could’ve guaranteed more sales by doing something like having a set of titles (or whatever the name tag things are called) or a (not overpowered) weapon that you can only unlock in Blops 2 if you play the Vita game.

    Like the weapons you could unlock in Assassin’s Creed II (I think) if you played Bloodlines on PSP. For that you had to hook your PSP to your PS3 but surely it would be even easier now as your Vita is linked directly to your PSN ID?

    Wouldn’t interest me much but surprised they haven’t done it.

    I like what EA are doing with Need For Speed where SP (their version of XP) is accumulated over both versions – it’s nice to play an accompanying game on Vita with it also having an impact on my PS3 experience.

  8. Oh dear, maybe i will just pick up Resistance after all.

    • herd that’s ment to be brilliant game! oO

      Cod multi FTW!

      • I’ve only played the Resistance demo and it was ok but i’ve a hankering for a more ‘straightforward’ FPS. I was hoping that CoD would be it but it’s beginning to sound like it won’t have a lot to offer an sp gamer like me. :/

  9. dam was more interested in SP will get when it is cheap now.

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