SEGA Announces “Model 2 Collection”

SEGA has announced a “Model 2 Collection”, a series of classic arcade games to be released for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 over the coming months.


The titles will include Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers, Sonic the Fighters, Virtua Striker and Virtua On. The first three will be released this Autumn (for 800 Microsoft Points each), the other two next year.

In Japan at least, there’ll be a bundle offer for this year’s picks.

The games are expected to be straight ports (ie, in 4:3) but with online play, if the Japanese translation is to be believed. It’s clearly a fighting based pack, so let’s hope there’ll be a racing one if SEGA decide to do another ‘collection’ down the line..



  1. Fighting Vipers was cool, i’d rather see a port of the saturn version though, which was called Fighters Megamix, that had lots of extra features, you could even fight as one of the cars from their Daytona game.
    it’s true.

    i’d like to give Virtua On a try as i’ve never actually played that one.

    • Fighters megamix is the definitve Fighting Vipers in my eyes. Recently bought another Saturn just for that and Primal Fury.

  2. ha, cool. Brought back some memories of playing these games in my local Debenhams in Romford, in the Sega Arcade on the third floor. I used to love playing up there.

  3. …Why Sonic The Fighters? its probably the worst fighting game ever created.

  4. 800 points? Oooooooooo wee! No thanks.

  5. Fighting Vipers was one of the few games I bought on my Saturn :)

  6. BTW, it’s Virtual On. Yeah, the only one where they used Virtual instead of Virtua.

  7. Virtua Fighter is a classic arcade game for me, along with Killer Instinct (This needs a reboot or at least an HD makeover)

    Me and my mates had hours of fun playing Virtua on, on my mates Saturn. It’s a great game (or at least was at the time) I beleive this is alreay available on the xbox store though???

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