Assassin’s Creed’s History Hacked – Mysterious Image Surfaces

Ubisoft’s History Hacked has come to an end, with the web-based game completed 100%. In its place, is this mysterious image – click it for the (rather massive) high resolution version.

Note that the following may contain spoilers, so we’ve blurred the image – obviously clicking it will show the original version.


history hacked

Zoom in (to the full version) and you’ll see a QR code and some numbers. This looks like the beginning of a neat little ARG to us, so hopefully we’ll uncover some secrets down the line.

Recognise that guy? Try typing his name into the site from the code.

Via GAF.



  1. Weird.

  2. It an ARG of sorts. For those without the time or inclination the end result is this video:
    Which is a “previously on Assassin’s Creed” type intro.

    • that’s the “Previously On…” intro video to Assassin’s Creed III. It’s heavy on AC spoilers but reveals nothing of III so it’s safe to watch if you’re up to date ;)

  3. what is an ARG?

    • Trials HD is an ARG game….

      ARG!! F**KING STUPID GAME!!! *throws controller at wall*


    • I always thought he was one of the idiots from TOWIE that tends to turn up on panel shows. ;)

  4. Looks like Desmond is in Brazil judging by the signs in the pic.

  5. Do the watermarked numbers mean anything? Probably not.

  6. I can see numbers overlaying the picture, right over Desmond

    • Actually it’s over the whole image

      • They do seem to be laid out deliberately, for example with the audience on the right, they match up with the placement of people, but there are big gaps where the large backboards are in the stands.

  7. Very weird.

  8. If you follow the thread on Gaf, you’ll end up with what seems to be the intro for AC3.

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