Closes Next Week

[drop2]Following the news that all remaining Gamestation stores will soon fold into the GAME umbrella, news has emerged this morning that the site will close next week.

Existing customers of the site can rest assured that all their account details (and any special bonuses) and pre-orders will be transferred over to the main GAME site.


“Your account details are completely safe,” says the statement on the site, via VG.

“Both GAME and Gamestation were sister brands under Game Retail Ltd, so your details are still being held securely as before. You will simply access your account through a different website from 29th October.”

“All active pre-orders for games, consoles and accessories will be transferred to, and you should see no disruption in the processing and despatch of your pre-order products.”



  1. Tw*ts. Although the site was a bit of a mess, the social media part was building.

  2. I hope they do it right and for those who have an account on both sites get their accounts merged into one. I have reward points with both so hope they don’t mess it up!

    • More to the point, i hope they continue with how Gamestations ‘Elite’ card works rather then Games ‘Reward’ card, as the rewards are actually much greater with Elite!

      • They’re claiming they’ve “listened to what you want” and they’re “taking the best parts of both and putting them together”.

        Which could, of course, mean “We’ve listened to what you want, decided we won’t be doing that and we’ll just take the most bits of both schemes that work out best for us instead”.

        Game seem not to accept PayPal as well, unlike Gamestation. Quite useful to be able to use those random bits of money that keep ending up in my PayPal account to top up my PSN account and get 2.5% back.

  3. I woud advise you to never shop online with them again, after the right royal feck up they have left me with the last two orders I’ve made.
    They also no longer have a phone number to make a complaint. All complaints have to be via email and take three days to get a response to each reply. I’m still awaiting a refund for my launch day Borderlands 2 that wasn’t delivered. They now claim they posted a replacement by accident instead of the refund that was requested. I haven’t received this either and now they won’t issue a refund until I return the second item they mistakenly sent that I don’t have!

    • Was that with Game or Gamestation?

      I know that they are both run by Game overall, but i get the feeling that the two websites are still run very differently (albeit to the same rules). For the moment at least.

      I tend to only use Game or Gamestation if i need to do a trade though, as i find it particularly rare that they have a better deal than others online. I have used Game for the odd online purchase though & had no troubles.

      • That was Game. To be honest, the only place I’ll use now is
        Ordering and delivery processed efficiently and most orders received a day or two before release date.

      • Just make sure you never get a problem &/or tweet them. Most unhelpful customer service representative EVER manning their tweets.

        The guys that help with support tickets on the site are good in my experience, but that doesn’t really help when locked out of your account & the only thing you are left with is the twitter ID!!

  4. I always preferred gamestation to game, but i guess gamestations target market was always more for people who knew what they wanted in gaming terms.

    • and here lies the problem with how GAME did business. Your right for the most part gamestation customers knew exactly what they wanted, so why we were forced to go up to people (within 30 seconds) and use OPEN questions to find out what they wanted so i could offer the most appropriate add on items for that sale even if i knew the customer didn’t want it. i will never know.

      GAME had 2 brands, and they screwed both!

  5. I’ll always have fond memories of when Gamestation was an independent company. It used to be full of retro games which was awesome to look through to see if you could find any old gems. And their prices were always really decent.

    When Game bought it, the retro stuff practically disappeared, and the prices mirrored Games. It still felt a bit more ‘underground’ as the shops still had the same grungey design… but the store had lost its soul….

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