All GameStation Stores Are Now Branded As GAME

Following several months of financial turmoil (and lots of branch closures) the Game Group has decided to rebrand all GameStation stores under the GAME umbrella, effectively making just one set of stores from both identities.

The information comes from today’s Game Conference, picked up by MCV, and sees an end to GameStation as we know it – a popular high street outlet for years, bought out by Game in 2007.


Other news from the staff conference is expected over the coming days.



  1. Doesn’t change the fact that they are rippoffs and will be in admin in a year’s time as i say Sleeping Dogs preowned for £40 next to the new copy for £40. If i see a new copy for £40 and the preowned is the same price, chances are i’m going to buy the new copy.

    Game group, this won’t solve your troubles unless you restructure your pricing as well as having reasonable prices for preowned. Not a few pounds cheaper then the new copy or cost more then the new copy as most gamers buy preowned to save cash or can’t afford the new copy. Did see MP3 for £20 brand new though as well as Demon Souls for £13 preowned in my local gamestation though. So they do have some bargains sometimes.

  2. So long as the staff remain – I prefer the look of GAME (not so dark) but the staff in GameStation seem to be more like gamers than the generic sales people in GAME.
    I also hope GAME sort out their horrible website – mainly as it doesn’t always function properly.

    • staff in GameStation seem to be more like gamers than the generic sales people in GAME – Interesting because I was thinking this. I have been to many midnight launches at Gamestation and all of the staff were just as knowledgable if not more so about gaming, in GAME it’s more of case that they know the price, the release date and possibly the developer but they usually haven’t played the games and therefore can’t give you accurate feedback.

      • Indeed – so perhaps I’ll visit the GAME stores that I know used to be GameStation, despite them now appearing the same. This is assuming the same staff have remained anyway!

      • This is how it is in most places, Gamestation was just a better company for the gamers back before they got bought by GAME, but a lot of the decent staff members stayed the same. In all my experience most the GAME staff members are idiots, ass holes or just don’t belong in a game shop.

        I hope another store comes up that had the same ideals as Gamestation used to, but in the current situation that would be hard : /

      • A few years back I did work experience at both GAME and Gamestation locally for a week or two.
        Game was very sales driven and you weren’t told much, however at Gamestation they let me go into the back so I could play Uncharted 2 the day before it released so I would know about the game when released. It was only work experience, but I find Gamestation to be more of a gamers shop.

      • Gotta 100% agree with this, many times iv’e just walked into my local Gametstaion just to chat with the staff about games even if i was not buying anything where as in GAME they try and force you to buy some s***e at £40-£45 and couldn’t care less about talking to you about games its all about the “sale” with GAME.

  3. Where I live we lost both of our GameStation stores last year along with a mini-GAME outlet in Debenhams.

    Remember flicking through all their pre-owned games on a bi-weekly basis and picking up a number of treasures I would have otherwise missed.

  4. This means that Maidstone shopping centre has two GAMES’s again.. They closed one a year ago because it wasn’t making business sense as they were so close(a 5 minute walk at most). This means that the Gamestation that was there (now renamed to GAME) will probably be closed to as there isn’t much of a different between them either. I think this will probably happen in a lot of places over the country, it’s a real shame for the staff involved. I know some of them fairly well.

  5. How the manager keeps a straight face when i ask him about the difference in prices between new ‘n’ pre-owned i don’t know.They’ve got balls,i’ll give em that much.

    • this the £2 differance between a new and pre-owned game… despite the fact the pre-owned one requires a £8 online pass aswell.

      i feel sorry for the flak the staff get for the head office decisions if you can call them that.

  6. Game are useless! Ordered Pain and Daytone USA for PS3 and they sent me only 1 download code. Emailed them last Sunday and still haven’t heard anything back. If they can’t get a download code right in an Email how can they run a store!!!

  7. This should have happened years ago when they took over Gamestation. There was never any sense in having two stores in the same area selling games at the same prices. I knew this was on the agenda because the Game store where I live closed just before the Olympics but the Gamestation remained open.

    Can’t stop the inevitable though. Without a complete overhaul of the business I predict Game will be calling in the administrators by the end of 2013. Certainly Game shops on the High Street are very unlikely to survive.

  8. nnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    No more N64 Cartridges for sale! :(
    No more people who are actually interested in games and not forced to wear a uniform!
    No more properly organised pre-owned games section!

    • Haha I love the no uniform thing, it depends where you go and on the Area manager, we used to be forced to wear it, then the Area manager changed (was the local GAME area manager as well) and he didn’t think Gamestation even had a uniform before coming into our store, :( shame we could of got away with it, and probably ruined it for the other stores.
      When I first started working there we didn’t have to wear the uniform and that was so much nicer.

  9. Deaer oh deary me. I’ll stick to independents.

    • I’d love to be able to do that but our local independent that opened last year closed down a few months ago – just goes to show how tuff the games sales market is.

  10. They are also really bad at scoring exclusive content and then charging extra. What happened to getting free content for supporting a certain store.

    Even their WiiU price is the highest around. They’ve learnt nothing.

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