Win a Meccano Gears of War King Raven

The competition has now closed. Thanks to everyone that entered!

I got to take a look at Meccano’s recently released lines of toys and models a little over a week ago, and their Gears of War set is a pretty big deal for them. You can find that post here, but today we’re teaming up with Meccano to give you all two chances to win one of their King Raven helicopters, which many of you will recognise from the games.


The King Raven is definitely the most impressive part of the range, featuring hundreds of plastic and metal parts which you combine to make the model. It’s not traditional Meccano but this is still going to be a pretty hefty undertaking to build! At the end of it all, you’ll have a pretty big helicopter with a pair of free-spinning rotor blades at the top, hinged doors and swivelling guns on the sides as well as a fully retractable undercarriage. So it’ll be more aerodynamic in flight…

You’ll also get a handful of models, one Marcus Fenix, a Clayton Carmine and two Locusts for them to face off against. Though I doubt it’ll really be a fair fight, considering that Fenix and Carmine get to fly about in a chopper and the Locusts don’t!

As I mentioned above, there will be two ways to win a King Raven, and the first of these is as simple as leaving a comment below. You don’t need to really do anything special other than live in the UK, as the winner will be drawn at random. Feel free to pitch ideas for what game franchises you’d like to see Meccano try and tackle next.

The second entry method is for those of you on Twitter. Just follow @thesixthaxis and @Meccano_UK and tweet the following message:

The competition has now closed. Please, no more of the tweeting!

The closing date for the competition is Sunday 28th October at 11PM GMT (Don’t forget to sort your clocks out this weekend), at which point we’ll turn to to pick one winner from the comments and one winner from Twitter. We’ll then be in touch via email or Direct Message respectively.

Just to reiterate, the competition is open to UK residents only, and as always our decisions are final and the standard terms and conditions apply.

Good luck everyone!



  1. Im a random from UK :) I would love to see Meccano do a Killzone range.

    • Just a quick note to say I meant Sunday 28th of October, not November. There’s no such date this year!

      • and next thing you’ll be telling us there’s no smarch either. O_O

  2. Go me!!!! I have never played with Meccano and would love to try. Always been a big kid at heart! ;)

  3. what no STICKLEBRICKS!
    think i tweeted the correct ppl i am old git you know?
    tweetings a bit alien to me.

  4. I had some Meccano when I was a kid, put me in the draw please!

  5. Ooooh I love mechano. Used to have loads as a kid and looks like a great project for me and the little man to undertake if we win. I’d like to see them take on angry birds. Mechano was always great for making catapults so it’d be perfect.

  6. “the winner will be drawn at random.”

    What if I was to say me real name is ‘Drawn At Random’? Does that mean I have already won?

    • Yes. But we will have to give you Teflon as a prize due to issues that are beyond our control and i’ve just earned myself 10 weeks in the naught cave haven’t i? :p

    • I honestly cannot see any possible way out of this and would have had to declare you the winner, yes.

  7. Mechano GT5? Could work…

  8. Thats awesome! I would to build that with my nephew,hes always making things :)

  9. I would love to win something!

  10. Meccano Transformers!

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