Sony’s Nina Scherer Responds To Questions Over SingStar’s New Place On The XMB


Sony’s Nina Scherer, content manager for the SingStar team, is responding to questions and comments over on the EU Blog.

As you’ll know, if you’ve downloaded the latest firmware update for your PS3 and you’re in Europe, there’s now an icon for SingStar on your XMB, on the Games column.


It’s permanent, and people aren’t happy.

That’s fine, there’s no doubt as many people indifferent (or even delighted that it’s there) but the comments are fairly barbed, and it looks like Nina’s getting a fair bit of stick.

“Get the forced icon OFF our systems, WE DONT WANT IT!,” cries one commenter. “I would really consider getting rid of the numb nuts who’s making these decisions,” they add. Nina’s response? “IT IS STAYING!” she says, although the smiley face afterwards suggests it’s tongue-in-cheek, of course.

Another points to the way this is being handled as a deciding factor over their choice of next gen gaming system. “You Mizz Scherer have just made my mind up for next gen,” they say. The response from the only person at SCEE replying? “You’re welcome.”

Let the hate rage campaign begin,” comments another, who is apparently “shocked and stunned” by Nina’s comments. “Perhaps its time for another job,” they suggest. Not particularly nice to read.

Whilst we’re sure this is a frustrating session for Scherer, we’re not entirely sure these replies are really getting across the right message. Yes, it’s just another icon on the XMB, but it’s icon some people don’t want. Are these replies winding up the loyal PS3 faithful unnecessarily?

Or are people just over-reacting?



  1. The problem lies with the fact that some people may have the singstar game on disc or maybe they simply don’t like the game and therefore don’t want it on their XMB. I myself thought that it would be an app or simply a game download that you would access from your games folder. If it has to stay, then why not give us users the ability to hide it from the XMB altogether….in a similar way to the old welcome blade on the xbox360 where you could simply dissable it from your dashboard. Shame on Sony though with the shocking comments that are being posted…..not professional and not the way to keep fans of the system happy at all!

    • #boycottsingstar on Twitter until it is removed. Spread the word!

  2. Oh dear, that isn’t good PR.

    • Sony are pretty poor at communication, normally favouring silence over response especially through the main channels.

      Now, with her off-key responses we see why remaining silent may actually be favourable.

      Poor customer service to be honest, she should maintain professionalism and she doesn’t need to respond to rude or sarcastic questions anyway.

      • Considering the abuse people receive when they reply and try and be helpful I’m surprised comments have been worse before now. It’s probably why the turn over of staff on the blog is so high as well.

        It’s one icon. There are far more icons I’d rather be hidden first.

    • I disagree. It’s nice to see some good old fashioned British ‘Go do one’ Customer Service. Makes me proud to be british. People are hurling abuse over an icon. It really is comical. It’s about time they got some back.

      More of this sort of stuff please.

  3. Yes, the placement and non-optional nature of this addition has annoyed me.

    However, there is something to be said of the rudeness of most blog posters. If this was a customer service line, they would be cut off with no explanation, perhaps Ms Nina should have ignored them, which in her position as an official representative, should have been the correct course of action.

    Still can’t get away from the fact that Sony are trying to pimp a failed service by forcing Singstar to be visible to everyone. Obvious revenue generation is obvious.

    At this moment, and weighing up a lot of recent events in SCEE handling of their customers, I am undecided in my next console choice. So far my choice during 20 years of console use has been unfaltering, laying my allegiance with Playstation, this is not certain any longer. :(

    • Well said sir. I have defended Sony on many things, but over the last few years I have noticed the customer support for their customers in Europe pretty much fail. This is hitting the nail on the head for some people and I for one am fed up with the stupid decisions made by them. As much as I want the next console, I will definitely be weighing up the Pros v Cons before making my choice.

      Sony really need to wake up.

    • So many people are saying that about their next-gen decision.

      I’m sure Sony’s PS+ proposition and their Gaikai opportunity will ensure they have a compelling next-gen proposition, but going against they do so much to upset their core here in the EU that forking out for another Sony console has gone from being a total certainty to 50:50

      • Well said.

      • Like most, at the end of the day I’ll pick mine based on the games.

      • Well said, jimmy.

        I don’t particularly like or want the icon either; never played a SingStar game and never intend to. But deciding your next-gen platform over the placement of a single icon that you’ll barely notice in a few days? Seriously?

        Still, could be a good thing for those of us left behind. Get rid of the idiots & knee-jerk reactionaries.

        As for Scherer, good luck to her. Person after person has endured no end of abuse on the blog, often for no reason other than some self-entitled little prick feels he’s been wronged. One icon appears on the XMB and people react as if Sony just slaughtered a litter of kittens in front of dear old grandma. Get over it, people. More importantly, get over yourselves.

  4. Wow, what a ridiculous person to reply like that

    • ACtually if you read the blog she puts a smiley face afterwards. The article on hear is suggesting she is getting angry, but she isn’t.

      I suggest TSA amend their article regards to this, as Nina has done a great job of replying to some really shitty messages from some immature people on there.

  5. Her response says it all about all of Sony Europe in all honesty, they don’t give a shit.

    This lady is meant to be helping Sony answer questions and with replies like that, she will now have those who read the blog against her. All sony customers want is a reason for it, and if it’s possible to get rid of it on the next update.

  6. Is the icon that bad, I mean is it really on your way? I ain’t updated my ps3 yet

    • If you use the ‘Games’ column the most it’s just something else… I’ve bough most Singstars, but cant say I’m that keen on having it sat there all the time.

      Also, is the first step – will we see ever more Sony icons in and amongst our most commonly used area of the OS.

      • I wish they d add little big planet to it. Should come as standard on all Sony consoles. It’s almost it’s own platform

    • If it was Uncharted 3 it might have been a different story.

  7. Good on Nina. The people who think this is such a massive huge problem that they feel it necessary to start getting hysterical and abusive need to re-readexamine their life priorities. The singstar icon just isn’t THAT bigger deal

    In fact you could look at it like it is in reality. Sony offering new FREE functionality for your PS3. I know how dare they do thay and clutter up these people’s XMB!

    • Ah, it’s not about that, but I agree about the over-the-top reactions. It’s about listening to customers. It’s about providing the best way for us to enjoy our devices without shamelessly advertising certain things. This new icon feels like something way too far along the shameless scale.

    • That is one dumb ass logic right there.

      Buy a car
      “We integrated this cool little bobblehead figure on top of the dashboard!”
      -But i don’t want it, please remove it.

  8. Wow, that’s quite unprofessional. I fear if she continues like that, she’ll really have to look for a new job soon.
    I wish she’d also answer the most important question: How the hell can I remove that misplaced, obtrusive SingStar icon from my XMB?! I was shocked when I discovered it after installing FW4.30 last night. I wouldn’t mind it being somewhere else on the XMB, but they really couldn’t have chosen a worse position.

    • With the way SCEE manage themselves, it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s promoted.

  9. The funny thing is that one person asked her if downloading the app is optional, to which she responds, “Of course you can. It’s fun though, I promise!”

    • She’s correct, the download is optional

      • Who cares, the icon is sat there right above my primary games folder

        I have most Singstar titles, but they’ve chosen to erode my convenience for something hardly anyone ever uses… the fact you can’t move it into a folder compounds the slight pain in the arse it is.

        How many more icons are we going to have to scroll up and down past just so we can get to our game folder and errm actually play a game.

      • I agree we should be able to put it in a folder.

        But my point was that there is nothing incorrect about what she said, like DeforMAK seemed to think there was

    • it’s possible that was a reply to a different post, the blog has this weird thing where when a comment gets deleted all the comments below go up by one number, but the replies still point to the original number, so they often get out of sync.

      that little foible is handy for telling when they’re deleting a lot of posts.

  10. My problem with this, is whats next? Now Singstar, whats next? XMB ads for other sony games which are not doing well? Can we expect to see a trial of Starhawk MP soon on the XMB?

    It looks to me Sony is desperate to profit as much as possible right now. This, the ultraslim PS3, cutting devs & cutting commercials.

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