More GTA V Image Leaks, More Speculation

Okay, I know I was a bit snarky about the last little image teased by Rockstar. It was a couple of dudes in orange boiler suits and it wasn’t in-game art, it was the block-shaded style of cover art from previous entries in the series. But these image leaks have been more interesting because they’re illicit.

We recently saw a Polish website’s enthusiasm for the upcoming crime-em-up yield some new images that we said might hint at pets. There was a dog in them. Dogs are pets. This is how GTA V speculation works. So these new images, which appear to be box sleeve inserts to hold shelf space and entice pre-orders, offer us the chance for lots more lovely speculation. These were tweeted (and then hastily removed) by the Game Brighton twitter account.


GTAV Leaked image Police

As you can see, there’s a female police officer. She appears to be a bit grumpy, I won’t speculate why. Officer scowly-face has hooked herself a saucy looking female. We’ll assume, for the sake of continuity with the Grand Theft Auto themes, that it’s a prostitute. It’s all a bit suggestive. They’re on a promenade, lined with palm trees. Looks a bit like L.A. doesn’t it?

GTA V Leaked Image Quad

The second image isn’t much more revealing. It’s a guy sitting on the front end of a quad bike, brandishing a high powered rifle with a scope on it. It’s also very suggestively posed, although the lack of any saucy, prostitute-looking females means that my attention span is much shorter. I guess we can assume there’s quads in GTA V. And Rifles. Oh, and he’s in front of a desert backdrop so hopefully the big open spaces of the PS2 depiction of San Andreas are still there. Can’t wait to drive up that bloody mountain again.

Can you see anything I’ve missed? Anything interesting?



  1. Let’s hint as lesbian cops on teh cover, that will shift a few more copies..

    You missed that it seems GTAV5 is only coming out on PS3, there are no Xbox packshots.

    • idgi

      female cop arresting a female = lesbian cop


  2. Water towers, ladders, hats, glasses, bracelets, all confirmed.

    Pfft Peter, get with it :-p

    • Alright mister owns his own site and tends to break things by touching them. ;) Besides, that sounds like a sims game. :P


      • Is this your way of saying you’ve just blown your load Peter? ;)

  3. According to EG, the spring release was confirmed by Game.

    I really hope they got rid of the physics from 4 as it was boring. I think it was very hard to pull of some over the top cock ups.. i mean stunts as well as bloody roman phoning me up every few minutes. SHUT UP ROMAN,I’M BEING CHASED BY THE POLICE! *crashes and dies*

    Wonder how the planes will handle and if the schools will return?(driving,plane,boat? etc..) As well as unlocking a lot of vehicles and being able to hijack any vehicle in the game. Oh and running over hookers with said vehicles. It’s not GTA unless a hooker and a vehicle are involved. Hopefully, the PC will be more lively instead of being another Niko. Oh and cue GTA stole my car articles by the Daily Mail when it is released. ;)

    • “I really hope they got rid of the physics from 4 as it was boring”

      WHAT!! they were amazing, the vehicles were great

      • Agreed, symp, it’s the physics that keeps me playing (and laughing at) GTA IV to this day.

      • IV has best physics in the series imo. Im hoping for those physics, with the old gta lightheartedness & some s.andreas customisation thrown in for the cherry on top.

  4. There’s no-ine with 6 digits on their hand, like GTA IV’s lolly-pop girl

    • Polydactyly folk will be most put out.

  5. looks like it will feature overtly saturated backgrounds… something to do with the playstation network… cars. did we know it had cars? I didnt know it had cars. looks like a pretty flash car. in red!

    • Noticed that it’s also in colour. Day one, definitely now.

      • Sweet! LA Noire was all in black and white, so I guess they’ve improved their engine.

  6. ..I hope it has replay value.

  7. I like the “pre-order now to avoid disappointment” int the back :).

  8. Maybe it’s me but im kind of getting bored of these drip fed speculating images of GTA V.

  9. With the lady being arrested maybe you’ll have the choice of male or female lead? That would be cool and effect the mechanics and the replay value.

    • I’d prefer it to be a set character (female would be cool), as it would allow R* to sculpt the story and character more.

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