Halo 4 App Features Doritos And Mountain Dew. And No Irony.

Without any sense of irony or timing, a Halo 4 game (or, rather, app) is being released tonight for the iPhone that features Doritos and Mountain Dew. Naturally, it’s official, but that kinda makes this look even more odd than it would be if it was a rip off.

It’s like last week was all just a build up to this moment.


It’s brilliant, really, it really is. You scan stuff (and by stuff we mean the tasty corn snack and the refreshing beverage aforementioned) and then you pretend to shoot other players in what can only be described as a rather static outing for the Master Chief.

Look, and try not to laugh when the treats pop up:

You’ll need to live somewhere where there are 7-Eleven stores, though. Chances are this won’t work as intended in Bognor Regis. Fine place, of course, but you’d be wasting your time.


Via Pocket Gamer.



  1. I don’t care how many places testify this is real, I just can’t believe it. Priceless.

    • Same here. Jaw on floor with what’s just been seen.

  2. oh, the hilarity.
    Obviously a small part of the big deal that was done months ago but still, very timely :D

  3. Perfect timing for something else new… well, old. Standbye readers, 8 mins till launch.

  4. Where’s a glassy-eyed Geoff?

    • Probably drowning in a bottle of mountain dew right now!

  5. Dafuq was that?
    Good for a few laughs I suppose. The ad I mean… not the app, heh.

  6. Couldn’t make it up…

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