News Snatch: Velocity Wins And A Bent Donkey

The BBC Watchdog program, fronted by the frozen-faced Anne Robinson, has cast its judgement on FIFA 13 and found it be lacking due to – OMG – bugs. EA have responded with a carefully written statement in language that non gamers (e.g. the self righteous Watchdog team) could understand.

The criticisms levelled at FIFA 13 could be applied to most pretty much any game released so why Watchdog decided to lay into EA is a mystery, perhaps they were jealous of the popular girls at school.

Anyway, onto other news today. Research firm SuperData has told MCV that the free to play market is worth £216 million. That doesn’t quite add up.

Arriving moments too late to be herded in to this weeks Trailer Park IO Interactive have released a new developer diary for Hitman Asbolution. The video features a smidgen more gameplay and one unkempt beard.

EA have dated the Mass Effect Trilogy for PlayStation 3 and it will arrive at the start of December, a month after the Xbox 360 and PC compilations. The question is – why? Have Microsoft really forked out for a months exclusivity on a game that has already been Xbox exclusive for almost five years? At least PS3 owners get the better deal on DLC as they will get all off the Mass Effect 2 content and Mass Effect’s Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station DLC, Xbox gamers will find they only gain Mass Effect 2’s Cerberus Network.

The TIGA Awards took place in Bath last night – that’s Bath the town, not an actual bath, that would be weird and slightly awkward. Anyway, TSA favourite Velocity won ‘Best Arcade Game’, three cheers for James (pictured on the right trying to eat the award) and the team at Futurlab. Now get back to work on a Vita version, chop chop.

The PlayStation Blog has revealed ten ‘facts’ about upcoming cross-platform game, When Vikings Attack.  The robot character is said to be grooving to ‘I’m in the Mood for Dancing’ by the Nolan Sisters and although no penguins were harmed during the making of the game a donkey ‘was completely bent out of shape over the course of the project’. Read more here. Review on that game very soon, by the way.

GAME have listed stores which will be staging a midnight opening for Halo 4. 292 outlets will be opening with the main launch taking place at GAME in Westfield Stratford as the group have recently closed their store on London’s Oxford Street. Fans will be able to meet the developers and win prizes. There will also be a “spectacular stunt” taking place on Monday which will occur down the Thames from the Greenwich Peninsula to Tower Bridge. Be at the Design Museum at Butlers Wharf (SE1 2YD) no later than 7:30pm to catch the show and be force fed corn based snacks.

Well that was all rather dry and humourless was it not? No knob gags, in fact no jokes at all and precious little to poke fun at. So, as it’s Friday we shall end on a song, I have already posted this in the Trailer Park but you really should have a listen for two good reasons.

Firstly the song is catchier than herpes at Freshers week and secondly the video was brought to my attention by my chum Steve. It turns out Steve had met the singer of tune, Aldous, in a Cigar bar in London a couple of nights ago. What has this got to do with TSA? Well I have conscripted Steve to help out on news duties on TSA and he should begin posting next week. Excellent news (at least for me and my workload).

Altogether now, He’s a sailor in the Navy, and he’s under Captain Davey…



  1. Well done on the award Futurlab!

  2. Gratz to Futurlab, I too would like to see a Vita version as well.

  3. That song’s amazing

  4. I thought ME trilogy was coming out later on PS3 due to ME1 not being on PS3 yet.

  5. I do rather like News Snatch.

  6. Mmmmm a Vita version of Velocity, would love it but is it going to happen?
    Probably more chance of a pimped PSM version with trophies whenever they are added?

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