DYAD Hits Europe Tomorrow

DYAD, the super-fast psychedelic tunnel-based puzzle-em-up is hitting, after something of a protracted development and approval process, Europe. Tomorrow.

We spoke to developer Shawn McGrath about the game – read what he had to say here, then read our initial impressions and our detailed thoughts that followed.


We’ve been waiting for DYAD for some time now, but it’s finally here. To celebrate, it’s coming out with a 30% discount – making it just €9.99 – and an additional 20% off for Plus subscribers.

Get it. Really.



  1. Yes!!! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this, and with a Discount too! I’d like to see customer service like this more often, particularly as we’re moving in to the next gen.
    Well, that, or just release the game at the same time across all regions.

  2. SCEE must sort out these issues quickly. I’ve got it here in North America a long time ago.

  3. still time for a last minute delay.

    just sayin’ >_>

  4. What is this game never heard anything about it before on the ps blog lol.

  5. Got it in the end from the US store – it is superb!

  6. Is there a 3D mode…….don’t hit me for asking!

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