News Snatch: MW4 Does Not Exist, Hitman Jackets And Amiga Remixes

Capcom have announced an interesting competition. To win it, you must design a futuristic advert which will be used in upcoming French’em up ‘Remember Me‘. There are very few limitations to the competition but Capcom suggest you consider entries in the following categories: Alcoholic Drink, Fast Food, Sports, Dating Service or Toy Company. Perhaps you could combine two categories and design a toy for those who have no luck with the dating company.


EA have posted details of a patch for FIFA 13 on both Xbox 360 and PS3 which fixes and number of bugs including the rare occurrence of the ball becoming invisible during game play. Anne Robinson is rumoured to be overjoyed but it’s rather hard to tell when her face never moves. The full details of the patch can be found here.

[drop2]Square-Enix has teamed up with licensing company Musterbrand to create a Hitman Absolution clothing line. The range includes T-shirts, some rather pricey cufflinks and a Hitman suit jacket for $155. The rather swish jacket comes with the Agent’s number on the bottom hem and his barcode is printed large in blood-red on the jacket’s black lining. The barcode also appears in raised print on the back of the jacket on the outside nape. Probably not standard attire for most gamers but for those of us who have to wear a suit to work, it offers a subversive alternative.

Doritosgate has been forgotten, mere crumbs on the desktop of gaming and everyone has learnt a valuable lesson to separate news from PR… or perhaps not. Yesterday many sites seemed to think being able to pre-order a certain game is news. Admittedly it’s a well known game but every other game for the past five or six years has been available to pre-order too.

Apple have announced they have sold lots of new iPads and iPad Minis. In other news, obvious thing is obvious and unsurprising thing has taken precisely zero percent of the world’s population by surprise.

Other things that have sold lots include the Gran Turismo series with 67.8 million copies grasped by the sweaty hands of gamers. Of that total nine million are Gran Turismo 5 and over three million copies of Gran Turismo PSP. Makes you wonder where the PS Vita version has got to, surely that would shift a few consoles.

Polyphony Digital have also hosted the Gran Turismo Awards ceremony at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association) convention. This year’s winner was David Eckert and his ‘Ford Mach Forty’ which looks rather like a Mach 1 Mustang but has the bobbins from a GT40 underneath the hood. His prize is that the car will feature in Gran Turismo at some point, thanks to PS3Blog for image below.

Back to EA who are celebrating something or other by making Battlefield 1942 absolutely free to download on PC. The downside is you have to use Origin. Every silver lining has a cloud.

News reaches the Snatch of yet another Kickstarter, usually such items are filed carefully in the large round filing cabinet situated under the TSA news desk but this this one caught my eye. Amiga music maestro Alistair Brimble has set up a fund for ‘The Amiga Works’, new versions of his classic Commodore tunes.

There are plenty of goodies up for grabs including digital downloads, memory sticks and of course the CD of all the new versions of the songs complete with artwork created by Rico Holmes, the artist behind the Team 17 graphics. For more information, soundclips (including the awesome ‘Charly’ sampling Project X music) and to support the Kickstarter click here.

Call of Duty thesp, Bill Murray, has tweeted to clarify his allged leak of Modern Warfare 4. “I told the guy I was doing a special new Modern Warfare for China, not MW4,” he explained. There you go, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 does not exist and is absolutely not at all being worked on by Infinity Ward. It’s also exciting to note that Bill can speak Chinese, whodathunk that?

Talking of Call Of Duty, look what happened when you searched for #Halo4 last night, hours before Microsoft’s midnight launch. Cheeky Activision, very cheeky.

We end with a quiz: Is Rebellion, the developer of Sniper Elite working on A) A huge and detailed reproduction of male genitalia on the side of the Curiosity cube, B) A recipe for the ultimate cheesecake, or C) Next gen titlezzzzzzz?



  1. I have had the stupid fucking disappearing ball in FIFA – what a joke, that the key object in the game can disappear. I did manage to win one game without the ball though.

    Great news regarding Rebellion, I really hope they are working on a detailed reproduction of, I mean Sniper Elite 3/V3!

    Not that it really matters but it’s nice to see that GT on PSP sold 3M units, I thought it was a fantastic version of the series in a handheld format.

    • I’ve had it in the quick match games, but never Ultimate Team. Guess I’ve been lucky.

      • Oh same, it’s only ever been in the EAS FC Match Day games, or whatever it’s called. Bloody annoying though after watching all the loading. It is generally worse or more likely to happen if you play or complete the Challenges. Also, it can be fixed if you change from the default ball. However the point remains, it’s a big fuck-up by EA.

  2. “MW4 does not exist”


  3. I got my hopes up that some classic Amiga games were getting released on PSN or PSM!
    If only…

    • Sensible Soccer, Chaos Engine, Cannon Fodder, Soccer Kid, Dizzy, Syndicate, Premier Manager……one can dream!

      • Xenon II. Gods.

      • Populous.
        Dungeon Master.

      • Wings
        Stuntcar racer

      • Rick Dangerous, Stuntcar Racer, SWIV, Shadow of the Beast, Blood Money, Speedball 2, and Sensible Soccer off the top of my head… Too many to remember. Oh and New Zealand Story!

      • It Came From The Desert, and Escape From The Planet of the Robot Monsters! That’s enough nostalgia, back to MW3 to get my ass kicked. :(

    • And you wish is answered….

  4. How did a hashtag for ‘#halo4’ end up finding either ‘#Suprise’ or ‘#BlackOps2’??

    Or was it just because it was a promoted tweet?

  5. David Eckert and his Ford Mach Forty…..

    ‘Proudly painted with beer’!? :-0

    • That just makes it sound like he p*ssed on it!

  6. Cool snatch ;)
    Turrican meets Zool soundtrack Gangnam style……oooh!

    • that’s not a phrase you would expect to hear often, unless you’re in the porn industry maybe. ^_^

    • Could refer to gaming also “shoot em up” or “beef em up” maybe even roleplaying gaming :P

  7. Hmm, IW not working on MW4? Hopefully, this just means they’re starting a new series, I’d love either a Price or Ghost focused one, or going back to WW2 would be great too.

    • I’d settle for any game as cool as MW1 or 2, IW at their best.
      MW3… wtf guys, did the re-shuffle dispose of every bit of talent you had?

  8. I used to have Brimble’s Amiga Works. Not sure I want a fund a new one, though. How about Alastair brings it out first… then we talk. ;-)

  9. French’em up ‘Remember Me‘

    I imagine an open world game where you just run up to NPCs and try to french kiss them by completing QTEs… Assassin’s Creed – “French” Revolution edition? Kiss ALL the historically relevant people of that era.
    Damnit, I’m already putting too much thought into this fictional game…

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