BioWare Turns Free PR Into Free PR Into Free PR

[videoyoutube]Whilst yesterday’s discovery that some PC copies of Activision’s behemoth Black Ops II actually contained Mass Effect 2 rather than the hugely popular first person shooter was amusing in itself, it’s good to see BioWare picking up on the free publicity by reacting in a smart, clever (and quick) way that actually ends up bagging them even more good PR.

In a blog post over on their official site, the Mass Effect developers have promised free copies of Mass Effect Trilogy for the first fifty people to get in touch with them and prove that they’ve got one of the ‘special’ Black Ops 2 disks.


The blog post is even titled “We’re Answering The Call” – cute.

“Chances are you thought it was a mistake,” says the blog about the presumed mix-up at the duplication plant, “but we prefer to think that it was an omen, and when the universe talks, you should listen.” The code is for the PC version of Mass Effect Trilogy, which we reckon is a pretty good move by BioWare.



  1. Good stuff.

    Although they’ve got to get people to sign up to Origin somehow.

  2. Nice, proper job Bioware :D

  3. Their turning this in their favor, smart move.

  4. Thats publicity you can’t buy!

  5. Nice!

  6. A few refunds from disc burning companies to developers methinks.

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