Owners Of Black Ops 2 On PC Receive Mass Effect 2 Files

Black Ops 2 will most likely be the biggest game release this year. Despite Halo 4’s current grasp on that title, fan bases on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC mean that Black Ops has a much larger install base to sell to.

However, PC gamers who have bought the disc release of Black Ops 2 have run into a surprising error. It seems that the second install disc doesn’t have the Black Ops 2 files on it, but instead the game files for Mass Effect 2 are present.

There have been posts appearing on the official Call of Duty forums and the Steam forums with users reporting the problem. Videos have also started appearing online showing the problem in action. Youtube user Zeroiez has uploaded the sequence in full.


Now, this isn’t a case of Activision promoting an EA product over their own intentionally. Instead it is most likely that both Activision and EA use the same disc manufacturing plant, and somewhere along the line someone has put the wrong files into the system resulting in this error.

PC users can get around the rather strange error by activating Black Ops 2 via Steam and downloading the game that way.

We’ve contacted Activision for a response, and we’ll update should they reply.

Source: CoD Forums/ Steam/ Youtube



  1. Oh dear, oh dear, and indeed, oh dear. Wonder if EA will respond by giving away free copies of Blops 2:)

  2. Oh, this one will be remembered for a while!

  3. At least it wasn’t MoH: Warface

    • Ha!

    • Oh that would have been priceless – insert COD disks and get MOH :)

  4. That is a huge fuck-up, someone’s getting their P45 for sure! And for the biggest release of the year! :O

  5. LMAO, how is that possible.

  6. Well least its a better game in its place.

    • Hahahaha love this comment! :)
      Was thinking the same!

  7. Call of Duty: Mass Effect. Theres never been a better time to jump on the COD bandwagon. Will rush out to Tesco and pick up my copy straight away!

  8. Priceless! Out of interest does anyone know if the second disc the whole Mass Effect 2 game or just half of that too?

    • Just installation files, nothing playable.

      • Ah shame, truely a cloud without a silver lining.

  9. oh dear haha that’s gotta be their biggest cock up yet

  10. Why does it even have Mass Effect data, so odd.

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