GTA V – Second Trailer Released

Has it really been a whole year since we first saw GTA V in motion? Well, after numerous drawn-out teases and outlet-exclusive features, the thing we’ve all really been interested in is out, finally.

Witness, if you will, Rockstar’s second trailer for what will probably end up being next year’s biggest game by a mile, and then let us know what you think in the comments, as usual.


Enjoy, and we’ll be back with our full thoughts later. Naturally, like most outlets, we’re posting this blind assuming it won’t just be an elaborate troll, and feature nothing but a crooning Rick Astley.



  1. ♫ Never going to give you up ♫

    • That must be the poshboy remix is it?

  2. This is too sick….

    Lets bounce

  3. Looks like one of those action comedies they run on TV on Sundays.

  4. I want to drive a car out of a plane…. but stay in it.
    I also liked the bit with the boat.

    • One of my favourite things to do at the minute is in Battlefield 3, drive off the cliff on Damavand Peak in the Humvee!

  5. Absolutely lovely. I think it’s gone some way to appease the feeling of “how are they going to make this work with three protagonists”. The music is so very fitting and the world looks superb. Rockstar, again, maintain that wonderfully serious tone with a thumb firmly wedged into the humour pie for good measure.

    I don’t mind that it’ll look very similar in technical proficiency to GTAIV but the PC version will really fly so I might wait… ah, who am I kidding. Consider me on board for the console release as early as I can scratch the necessary green queens together.

    • No PC version has even been announced yet.

  6. Ermm, wow.

  7. If that’s console footage them I’m the Pope

    • Bless thy child I have sinned pope tuff

    • Exactly what i was thinking. Its all cut scenes anyway not a single piece of in game footage in that trailer. No way its gonna be that graphically good on console

      • I’ve been told its all PS3 footage but yeah, its all cut scenes. We’ve scene what the PS3 can do when it’s not actually playing game thanks to David Cage’s wonderful tech demo.

    • No PC version has even been announced yet..

  8. Im very impressed :)

  9. looks pretty snazy to me, still wont be buying it though.

    • Hate of Scottish developers?

    • Hate of fun? ;P

    • Just hate really lol

      No I don’t really enjoy GTA, find them a little boring and too long winded. I must admit this looks great though

      • That’s fair enough – I tend to enjoy the sandbox-y nature of them & i can’t say one has ever really outstayed its welcome for me.

        Some have had some dodgy game mechanics in though, such as the physique building/deteriorating from SA, annoying friends from IV etc.

        Did you at least enjoy Vice City?

      • I don’t play through the games, I just play them long enough for the world to open up find the nature of just going from map-marker to map-marker repetitive real quick. Then I generally just tit about.

        Loved III & VC, really really loved them… didn’t play SA for long at all, found it incredibly boring and quite sparse, never got into it though to see if it improved.

        Quite liked IV, but it didn’t reach the heights of III & SA for me.

  10. This looks fantastic, Spring 2013 can’t come quick enough

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