Vita Firmware 2.00 Includes Email App, Wireless Content Sharing

Our reveal yesterday of the first news on PlayStation Plus for Vita showcased one of the main aspects of next week’s firmware 2.00 update for the portable – Plus will bring free games, background updating and cloud storage.

However, there’s more to firmware 2.00, including an email application and wireless content sharing – features ably demonstrated by the wonderfully dressed Ray Bautista in the video below. The email app doesn’t look like it’ll replace your current smartphone of choice, but who knows, and at least the Vita’s giving you the option.


Content Manager looks much better though – the wired only functionality was pretty poor, so it’s good to see that being tweaked. The Vita will also be able to play 1080p video, albeit downsampled and only in specific file formats.

The browser looks substantially better, though – with much better HTML5 and JavaScript rendering engines. We’re unlikely to see these on the PS3 with the limited RAM, but it’s all good.



  1. Oh gosh the vita is soon going to answer calls & text your loved ones. Good one they really pushing it, might aswell make it a tablet

  2. Fantastic. Content manager was such an irritant; email is pretty cool for those who might need it, but those web improvements are perhaps more important. I thought the browser wasn’t even that bad before, but hey…

  3. Can’t imagine I’m going to use the email app (though it’s still a welcome addition), but the browser and content manager improvements look great!

  4. Loving all those games we are not getting in Europe. Just loving it!
    No wireless to the PS3? Just the PC?

    • I expected Wipeout to be free but its a shame thats it not in the EU regions. Even the PS3 games are a better choice unlike all the shooter shite thats getting free.

      • Yeah, that and Final Fantasy Tactics, always wanted to try that game :/

      • Yeah, lamented the lack of Psone and PSP games on the last article, its ridiculous. Would love to play FF Tactics since I don’t have a PSP anymore.

      • I’m pleased they’re staying away from psone and psp games. I had a psp for those, I want vita games on my vita. I don’t want it turning into an expensive psp.

  5. All of these are great and very welcome changes, credit where it’s due!

  6. Skype, Twitter, Facebook, email is iPhone Only for me.
    But If Sony wants to stick it to the Vita, its ok.
    What I really want is a Netflix app…

    • Or the bloody PSN video store here in Ireland, i’d settle for that than the netflix, it’s just ridiculous how we still don’t have it.

  7. Always exciting when there’s some new features coming to the console. Then you kind of stop caring after it’s updated.

  8. Nice to see the Vita getting some love. I feel like Im starting to find my excuses to buy one…

  9. Sounds good and all goes towards improving the Vita’s features.
    I don’t have my Vita on me today but has there always been a “Connect to Device” option in the Video app? …. could that be for connecting to a media server?

  10. And still those stupid round and bouncing icons.. :-(

    Are we able to see whats game is in the cardslot now or do we still have to guess?
    I stopped buying the cards but when I have one of the 4 in there it would be nice to know which one..

    • I like them..

      And when you start your psvita the game you have in the cardslot will blink.(the games icon)

      • you do? I think it looks like the my first sony line they had.

        and there are a lost of icons bouncing and updating when I start the vita..

        I hope the team that designed the new store will help with the GUI of the vita and make if more as if we live in 2012, but do not take that long to implement it ;-)

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