PS Vita To Get Firmware 2.00, PlayStation Plus, With Uncharted, Gravity Rush And Chronovolt In Instant Game Collection

The PS Vita will be getting an update to version 2.00 of the system software very soon, Sony have said to TheSixthAxis today. And with it, PlayStation Plus – the service that’s already seen an impressive array of discounts, additional features and free games on the PlayStation 3.

Plus for Vita goes live on the 21st of November in the UK, and will be available to existing PS3 subscribers at no additional cost. It’ll come with its own Instant Game Collection, which will include the likes of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and Chronovolt, the latter of which is a brand new title which is great news for Vita owners.

Four games per month will be featured, Sony tell us, along with free play, exclusive discounts and online storage. Sony are promising 14 games and at least five new games a month, which means over 65 games a year for PS3 and PS Vita.

We’re also assuming that Trophy updates will be automatic, like they are with the PS3, but we’ll need to check and confirm that.



  1. “Four games per month will be featured…at least five new games a month”, and where does that 14 come from? A year?

    I’m so confused :P

  2. Wow. That’s incredible. Really pleased :)

  3. Stunning.
    I already own Gravity Rush but I’m glad to be getting Uncharted back after trading it in recently.
    I was expecting only one or two smaller budget titles at best, this is fantastic news!

    PS+ remains the best purchase I’ve made this generation!

  4. Great value – unless you bought a Vita recently and those 2 popular games, but awesome for anyone still to get on board, which is practically everyone, right?

  5. Absolutely amazing. You’re seriously an idiot if you have both consoles and don’t yet have Plus

  6. Nice, I might finally give PS+ a try for Uncharted.

    • There was a deal on for 3 months for £5.99 down from usual £12.99

      • Is PS+ locked by regions or could I get such a discount from the UK and use it to pay for a PS+ membership to access the german store?

      • I don’t think it’ll be region locked? Not sure.

      • I am pretty sure all the countries covered by the UK/EU store count as one region for PS+ codes. I have twice gotten free codes for 30 day trials and I never had to specify what country I was in. Admittedly, I have never bought a code from another country. But £5.99 is a pretty good price, so I might try it if that deal is still going.

  7. I’ve finished Uncharted (hasn’t every Vita owner?!), it was decent enough.
    Played about 20 minutes of Gravity Rush and thought it was unbearably poor.
    Chronovolt though, that’s nice.
    Cloud saves are also a good thing.
    Not sure I’d want my Vita auto-updating though, it takes far too long to download anything directly to it and I think I’d be hijacked by a dead battery every time I lifted it to play something.
    I expected PS Plus for Vita to be an extra little charge though, so the confirmation that it’s all bundled together is pretty cool. Great stuff.

    • I dunno about the Vita download comment. I’m pretty sure my Vita downloads much quicker than my PS3 does, which isn’t saying too much, but i think it’s pretty fast nonetheless.

      • Both my Vitas (yeah, I know) are quite slow to download. It’s not terrible but it’s nowhere near the download speed of my PS3 which is slower than the 360 which is slower than the PC!
        Combine that with the size of some of the patches and it could eat a substantial chunk of battery (battery life on a Vita is also not particularly great – especially while it’s connected…) My guess, though, is that this will only work when it’s plugged into a charger. So nothing to worry about (except maybe that now I want a charging dock for my Vita!)

      • Ah, didn’t know you had two Vitas. :) Yeah i’m not sure why the PS3’s so unbearably slow. Sony’s fault or my router’s fault? Maybe both.

        Yeah i think that too, there’s no way that the Vita will auto update without a constant power supply.

        Btw, any recommendations as to where to buy a new Vita memory card?

      • I’ve found my vita is pretty quick at downloading. My phat PS3 is quite poor, my slim is good and my pc is really hit and miss (time of day massively impacts my pc).

      • Assuming you’re in the UK, the cheapest 16GB card is at Amazon for £33.19. The 32GB will set you back a tear-inducing £58.49. If you don’t have Uncharted or Gravity Rush and plan to download both, you’ll probably want a 32GB and could argue the saving pays for the card…

      • Two vitas? Damnit Peter. What would it take for me to have one of your Vitas without paying cash?

      • Ah so the slim’s faster than the Phat? Makes sense.

        I just looked at the memory card prices, it’s like the PSP’s memory card all over again. Starts off unbelievably high, and gets affordable after a few years. I guess the same goes for lots of things, but i just don’t see why Sony couldn’t use a pre-existing, cheap, memory card, y’know, like the 4 cards i already own for my PSP?

        You make a good point for buying a 32GB card though.

      • Search PS Vita dock on Amazon – top result. That’s the one I imported. It’s awesome. Managed to resist buying a 32GB stick though…now I regret that….

    • I haven’t played Uncharted on Vita … not really a fan of the series, but for free I’ll give it a go.
      I didn’t really get on with the Gravity Rush demo, so I’m not too fussed about playing it.
      Chronovolt looks like it could be interesting.
      Already own the fourth title, Tales from Space … awesome game.

      I too have found downloads on the Vita much slower than on the PS3.

    • Hmm mine download smuch faster than my ps3. Maybe you have your ps3 connected ethernet?

      vita is wireless N whereas ps3 is only g.

  8. Been wanting Gravity Rush for ages! Need a bigger memory card now.

    • And you can have a lovely 32gb one for only £59.99! :(

  9. Still don’t own a Vita but as a Plus subscriber I’ll be sure to add any Vita freebs to my download list before they expire and then chuck the whole lot onto my Vita when I get around to buying one!! :P

    • My thoughts exactly. If it appears on PS3 Store that is.

    • It should be mate, all of the Vita games appear on the PS3 general store for sale now, I imagine it’ll be the same system with the yellow plus icons added to all free or discounted goodness ;)

    • This is why I think it is a clever idea on Sony’s part to include the Vita content along with the PS3 content at no extra cost. Within a few months you, and many others, will be sitting on a diverse collection of Vita games. I am sure this will push more than a few people over the tipping point to purchase a Vita. Sony gets extra hardware sales and you get a bunch of games for free and everybody is happy.

      • Agreed, great marketing ploy, but they will still need to do something about the price of hardware, mem cards etc.
        People do look beyond what is a reasonable price for the actual console and add in the extras needed to get up and running which is what does let it down a lot…..especially anyone that will need plenty of memory card space for all of the Plus free games.
        The price of owning a decent Vita set up should really be reflected with best games line up available, but sadly that’s not the case……..a bit like owning a top of the range sports car when there’s a fuel shortage on due to (w)tanker drivers striking!

  10. Wow, they’re giving away Uncharted. Nice!

    • Never played an Uncharted game but will give this a go. Chronovolt looks interesting, especially if it uses motion control.

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