Report: Disney Working On Skylanders-esque “Infinity”, Or “Toy Box”

[drop2]Rumours have been bubbling for a few months, but it now looks like Disney are working on something similar to Activision’s Skylanders, dubbed “Infinity“, or, as it was known during the concept stages, “Toy Box” – and the first details have started to appear online.

Website ‘Stitch Kingdom’ claims that the comparisons with Skylanders are “not only true” but “that it has exceeded (most of) our expectations” – they cite a retail video as the source for the currently info, a concept that seemingly needs some explanation for the high street sellers.


Like Skylanders, a starter pack will be available which will contain the game, the reader (which is apparently linked via USB to the PS3 and Xbox 360), three character tokens (Sulley, Jack Sparrow and Mr. Incredible are claimed), a landmark (location) token and a coin.

Gameplay is simple enough – players place character tokens on the reader and then in the game the player becomes that character. Obviously more characters will be available down the line, much like Activision’s lucrative title.

The ‘toy box’ moniker comes from the area in which player characters interact and explore. Items you collect during the game appear in the toy box and you can build and play with these items. Toy boxes, as you might have guessed from the landmark token, are themed, which the first one included in the pack being Monsters University.

The coins allow modification of character attributes, and are placed under the character tokens. Coins are stackable, but bought blind, giving the game an immediate ‘trading’ aspect with kids able to swap coins they’ve already got with friends.

There’s nothing yet confirmed outside of the above, and obviously Disney haven’t announced anything officially yet, but a 2013 release is expected.



  1. Immense.

    If backed will be huge

  2. Competition in this niche market can only lead to more innovation, especially if the battle is being fought between Activision and Disney.

    Hopefully figures will actually “do more” than the Skylanders. That, and hopefully game itself will be a lot more fun and intuitive.

  3. If this is connected by USB to PS3/360 then presumably it won’t have the cross-platform take-your-save-to-any-system idea of Skylanders (unless that’s not true of the final version?) . The game itself doesn’t interest me but that factor was something I always liked the idea of. I think that works by saving character progress to the figures, so maybe Disney are trying to undercut Activision by having more “low tech” tokens that can be sold for less? Of course, if I’m mistaken about that cross-platform stuff then just ignore everything above!

    I have to say that (even without the above) I think Activision’s idea is better. As well as being much more original of course, the fact that it uses specially designed characters means anyone can play it, whereas in Disney’s version you have to know all the Disney characters already. If a kid has never seen The Incredibles (for example) then they’ll be pretty annoyed if they get Mr. Incredible in some kind of blind booster pack system, surely? This smacks of Disney trying not only to steal Activision’s idea, but also to try and use it to sell their films. If your idea seems unoriginal and money-grabbing compared to Activision then you know you’ve got a problem!

  4. Oh shite.

    I’m 22 and will jump on this if it includes classics like The Lion King.

  5. So how long until the Star Wars tokens are announced. Be silly for them not to utilize it.

  6. my god, just think how many of those little figures they’ll have for sale, if potentially any Disney ip is available, and now as ashw92 says, there’s also Star Wars.

    you know, i bet Nintendo are looking at something like this for the Pokemon series.
    or course they’d have to get over their aversion to doing a home console Pokemon game.

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