Community Chronicle: 18/11/12

Following on from last week, we have the second half of our new coverage of the trophy leaderboards on TSA. Head over to page 2 for more on that.

Before we get there, though, our previous existing content:

A late cry out on Twitter and we have some more photos for this segment. Please do take the time to send me something using the entry form at the bottom of this page, Twitter, email, carrier pigeon…

Today we have two people featured, with Sympozium first to answer me. In true blurry-cam style, I can only assume that all of this is prototype hardware and very hush-hush. It’s either that or it really is just a Vita, PS3, PC and monitor.

Or maybe Sympozium is the guy that rages, and he’s disguised himself as a computer monitor? Perhaps we’ll never know…

Second is Bodachi with much clearer photos, so obviously much less steeped in mystery. So, here we go:

First picture is the game that generally eats all of my studying time, Assassin’s Creed 3. My PS3 is centre piece within the living room underneath that is the Sky+ box. Picture two you can see my little Vita which I play any time I’m out and about. Next to that would be my Nexus 7 which I only play a few games on and mostly watch Netflix and read comics on. Picture three which has all the games that I currently own besides digital downloads, as well as my PS1 games shoved to the back. Yes I know, pink paint, looks lovely doesn’t it?

I don’t know about anyone else, but it took me a second to realise that the last photo was mirrored. Yes, I’m dumb.

Boy, oh, boy, there’s been an invasion! A glut of speedy trophies have appeared out of almost nowhere!

Wolf-OF-Chaos and BadBoyBoogie staged a pincer attack styled raid on the fastest boards taking 13 between them in one fell swoop! BBB nabbed Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Dirt 3, PES 2010 and 2011 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Wolf claimed Prototype 2, Captain America, Dead Island, Silent Hill 3, The Darkness 2 and X-Men Destiny.

Now that’s a lot of trophies!

It doesn’t quite end there, though, as R1MJAW took the Sports Champions 2 fastest trophy and topgearsam got the Unit 13 Platinum (though not the fastest).

A whole boat load of people are closing in on the various trophies from recent games, though. Element666 says he’s nearly there on Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, and I know that Yogdog and plenty of others are chasing after the Black Ops 2 platinum. Assassin’s Creed 3 is still hogging many a person’s time, and so on.

Keep plugging away!

However, a quick little mention is needed for JohnnyBoy‘s poor old PS3, which saw the dreaded Yellow Light of Death hit swiftly this last week. Thankfully he was able to salvage the saves, taking a leaf out of Sir Alex Ferguson’s half time notebook and bringing out the hair drier to coax the old black beast into doing a backup. So, enjoy the shiny new Super Slim you got for yourself, Johnny.

Alright, so as I mentioned above, we now have the leaderboards integrated into the Chronicle, with all of the groundwork being done by the wonderful a inferior race. Last week it was the turn of the Fastest Platinums, but this week we’ll see the full leaderboard make its first appearance.

Before you head over to page 2 for the leaderboards, I leave you with the submission form:

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  1. Wow,Did not expect to be 2nd! I didnt realise how many trophies i had got recently. I need to get a life :p

  2. How do I go on this list, I have a respectable 13 hard earned, controller breaking, finger bashing platinums lol

    • There’s a thread in the forums fella. Think it’s just a case of sticking your name down and refreshing your psn card.

    • Follow the link teflon put on the 2nd page of the article and just make sure you’re trophy card is updated dude, I think its Origami Killer that updates it in a very old fashion manner using eyes and fingers rather than bits of computer code! He does a good job, its quality work :)

      • Yup. Link on the second page.
        Oh, and it’s a inferior race, not OK. :)

      • Opps, sorry infirior race! Good word though dude ut must take a while when you get round to each update.

      • Yep not me, all credit goes to A Inferior Race :)

      • It’s not too bad if I keep on top of it.

  3. Good to see the leaderboard making a return, 31st isn’t too bad either :)

    As for that last photo, I wouldn’t of guessed there was a mirror if you hadn’t of told us.

    • Just had to double check, I didn’t notice it at all, even after reading the description!

  4. Woohoo!! Thank you for all the effort from everyone involved getting this sorted :D

    Pleased to see a jump up to 11th – now to break into the the top 10…

    Well done to Youles and McProley who moved way up the table.

    • Cheers mate! I remember trying to break the top 50 last year, not doing too shabby. Aiming for top 20 now! ;)

    • Excellent trophy tallies chaps, I thought I’d earned quite a few but no platinums, although a few of those games are teetering towards platinum…..roughly 4 or 5 over the next few weeks probs.

      • Cheers freeze. Think I got 8 plats since the last update, although some of those were from my backlog. Similarly to you, I’ve got a few that are close – The Walking Dead, LBPV, FIFA 13 and Dead Space Extraction. Then I’ll hopefully platinum AC3 and Blops2 as well. Should keep me going until Ni No Kuni (Jan), Dead Space 2 and Bioshock (Feb)! ;)

      • You’ll be hot on my heels soon then with plats if I don’t start getting some in!
        I’ll probably get the R&C AFO plat first, just some grinding for the million bolts (around 750K in the bank atm) and a couple of clean up bronzes….great co-op game, although I’ve done most of it single player………No plats since the last leaderboard!!

    • Thanks BRY. Up 10 places is epic! didn’t realise i got that many trophie. the last month ive been on a right trophy drought too

  5. WH00 – Trophy Leaderboards ^^
    Thanks for you hard work on it Inferior Race. Top Man and TSA too for the front page post.
    Just reached Call of Duty: Black Ops II Prestige (Gold Trophy)
    Now to start on Singleplayer on Veteran difficulty!

    • It’s ridiculous how far ahead you are Del!

      In fact, I propose a ban on trophies for you for the next 6 months to allow others to catch up! :P

      • Only a six-month ban? ;)

      • I can make him disappear for a few years if a certain amount of biscuits are found on a plate on my desk. We never had this conversation.

      • I’ll report his PSN username as offensive if needs be ;)

      • :'(
        You all are very rude!
        Here’s a faster way to get more Platinums for you lot. Hanna Montana, NCIS, CSI, Motorstorm RC (Both PS3 and Vita), Resistance: Burning Skies

    • Don’t worry Del, we love you really.

  6. Now now Steven, we all know you don’t have a desk!

    • Yes i do! I nicked it from Tef back at the begining of the year. I mean, i bought it from Ikea. *shifty eyes*

  7. OK, will hobnobs do? Or are you more of a digestive man?

    • Both will do. Won’t accept either of them on their own when both are available. Bring PG tips as well.

    • Nobs, Tips, Digest
      Pictures or GTFO :P

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