Sony Emailing Out [email protected] Codes For PS Vita

[drop2]Sony are sending out emails this afternoon for social PS Vita game ‘[email protected]’, which requires a 3G model to work.

The curiously monikered ‘[email protected]’ is an “exciting graffiti creator” that works with augmented reality to let you ‘tag’ zones around the streets with your own artwork for others to see.

You start out as a beginner and must “move through the ranks” to earn points, stickers and respect, and can ‘overtag’ other people’s work.

Check your emails to see if you’ve got a code, otherwise we’re assuming it’ll appear on the PlayStation Store soon enough.


  1. I’ve used my code but servers are undergoing maintenance. So I can’t access it anyway.

  2. Here’s another……..


    If your a lurker….. Sign up, say hi…… And maybe thanks ;)

  3. I too have a spare code

  4. I wish I bought that 3G Vita….

  5. Pointless.

  6. In the early interests of Christmas spirit, not to mention the fact that I’ve only got a wifi vita I’m happy to sell my code to the highest bidder. Sotheby’s will be charged with the task and the reserve will be set at £1,000. Now get bidding. Only joshing. Here you go

  7. DH32-2BN4-8P9E

    I’m not entirely sure who will use this, if a person has a 3g vita, I assume they have a code. meh.

    • In fact aren’t people just not going to bother as they don’t know what codes are valid o.0

  8. I got a code too, started a forum thread in case anyone wants to show their disinterest in a more structured manner!

  9. Wi-fi only too so…….
    just say if you use it so no one else tries it….those 12 digits are a hassle just for nothing.
    Get a feeling there’s gonna be a lot of codes left unused.

  10. I got a code but my Vita’s wi-fi only. First taker’s welcome to mine (my code, not my Vita!):


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